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  There have been compelling stories of famous individuals who had to deal with many things while schooling and excelled even above their comfortable contemporaries. Of course, hard work is very appreciated but many work-study individuals who have made it, have had to make several sacrifices to keep both sides of their lives. It may seem really tough having to manage between working and schooling but if you can take the following tips below, you could make it through.
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Adequate Time Management The best way to juggle between work and study is to sharpen your time management skills. You can start by creating a study plan. The moment your school timetable gets posted, you need to plan around the best times for you to study between the evenings, mornings and weekends. Also, the timetable also allows you to have an idea of when your assignments are due. This will help you determine which hours and days you can work.


It takes a lot of personal discipline to keep to slotted schedules between work and school. Identify unnecessary distractions you face on a daily basis and eliminate them. Motivation and self-control go hand in hand, you can learn to be disciplined by rewarding yourself after achieving a task. Rewards in form of a tasty treat, favourite movie, an outing can go a long way to get you motivated.

Separate Contacts

To avoid getting your work and study schedule scrambled, get SIMs to serve different purposes. This will help you to determine when and what people to contact at a given schedule. You could also further purchase different phones for each SIMs. It’s advisable to drop the work phone during school hours to avoid distractions.
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Avoid Clingy Individuals

Cut out home visits. Although, it is very necessary to build relationships, however, it is best to interact with people who have an understanding of your circumstance and know the best times to pay a visit or contact you.

Get Your Own Apartment

It is particularly hard for a Nigerian working student to have all the time between school and work, especially when such student lives with parents who are not understanding or supportive enough. By getting your own apartment, you’ll keep your focus up. You get to do your own chores at the time you want, carry out both work and school assignments at convenient periods without being yelled at or guilt-tripped by parents.

Know Your Limits

Nobody is a superman from krypton. We all have our limits; a time we may need to take a break from the rush of activities. You will need to figure out the maximum number of hours that you can work before it impacts negatively on your own studies since this tends to vary from student to student. Avoid getting involved in too many activities at school to avoid burnout from work. A part-time job, which involves long hours, may help your school finances in the short term but could have a negative impact on long-term job prospects if you do not work hard enough to get a good degree. By adopting the tips above, you just might be among the few individuals to tell a great story about pulling through work and school. Featured Image Source: iStock
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This article was first published on 27th July 2021


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