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Slum2School is a creative initiative by the founder, Otto Orondaam and several other young volunteers targeted at reducing the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria and in Africa. The focus of the project is to mobilize the efforts of individuals, private organizations, the government and other development agencies towards building a collaborative and sustainable network to secure educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged families and communities while building a sustainable network of socially responsible youths with a mindset towards social development.
Otto Orondaam started the Slum2School Project during his national youth service in 2012. Since inception, he has worked with more than 3,000 volunteers from 25 countries to provide scholarships for 650 children from disadvantaged families/communities with another several thousands of people from the slum who benefited from his health and psycho-social programs. He has also led campaigns towards the renovation of dilapidated school buildings and the equipping of slum schools with facilities like computer rooms, library and the health centre.
Presently, Slum2School Project solicits your help in reaching another 350 children in this year’s fundraising campaign tagged #1000 Dreams. In addition to reaching 350 children by providing them with educational scholarships, the #1000 Dreams Campaign will keep supporting the children already enrolled in schools and build Mentorship Hubs in slums that would help further the education of these children and would also serve as Early Childhood Development Centers for children who are too young to venture out of the community alone.
If you want to be a volunteer, offer financial support or make enquiries;
Email: Twitter: @Slum2School and follow the hashtag #LetsDoMore

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This article was first published on 28th November 2014

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