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When I dey small pikin, e get one day wey my teacher dem call my mama come school. Dem tell am say make she warn me, make I no collect food for anybody hand, even if na my best friend. My mama shock! When she ask dem why, dem come tell am say e get one pikin mama wey come di school come gbege dem, say why na only Joy dey carry first, why dem neva give her own pikin first since we two start di school? Na so di teacher dem come fear o, come say make dem inform my mama because dis life get as e be. Everybody for dis Naija suppose don hear di story of di boy wey nearly kill anoda pikin for im class dis year wey we dey so. Wetin happen wey pikin of 12 years wan kpai anoda pikin? Di boy naim dey carry first for class, and di first don master am sotay, e kuku feel say na him property. So as dis girl join di school, she come carry first, and di boy no like am sam sam! For im mind, this girl don collect first from im hand and e must to collect am back by fire by force. Naim this small boy of 12 years wait make di girl comot for class, come go her bag, carry her water bottle. After e troway di water wey dey inside, e carry di bottle enter science lab, pour acid inside di bottle. As e carry di bottle put am back for di girl bag, e no know say two boys dey look am. At once naim dem block am, ask am wetin e carry di girl bottle do. Na so fear come make di boy troway di acid, put di empty bottle for di girl bag. As di girl come, say make she drink water, no water for bottle. Shuo! As she dey ask who collect her water, di two boys wey been catch di boy with di bottle come tell di girl say, see wetin we see o! Quick quick naim di girl report give di school, di principal come call di boy mama and papa, plus di girl mama and papa, make dem come meeting. As principal put matter for ground, di boy papa begin cry. Wetin make am dey cry? Nobody know, but e get one tin wey enter my mind. For this Nigeria wey we dey, we too dey look wetin pikin carry for class, weda na first abi na second. Di way many mama and papa dem dey carry di matter, e be like say pikin wey no carry first, second or third, no go fit make am for this life lai lai. E too much! Na only God know di kin wahala wey that boy mama or papa dey wahala am make that first no ever comot for im hand, wey go make am wan kill that girl. My people, e no good! Pikin smart pikin smart, no be only for book. If na by book person dey take get money for life, na professor dem wey dey teach for university, na dem for get money pass. But no be so! Apart from book smart, e still get oda kin smart wey God take bless every pikin. Some, na business sense dem get. Some, na even music sense! No be music people dey play wey dem take enter CNN? If you still dey reason am, waka enter any better primary school or secondary school wey dey near you, ask di principal or di owner how many first dem carry for school. Me sef wey dey write, dey help oda people dey write dia own book too, na primary school I carry 1st last. I no carry 1st again! 10th sef, I no see. Yet, my life no spoil. This thing wey we dey call education, e get people wey read am for university. If you ask dem, dem go tell you say book sense na only “cognitive”. E still get two oda tins wey dem dey look for every pikin as dem dey learn for school. One na “Psychomotor” and di oda one na “Affective”. Na all dis one dey show how pikin dey take learn wetin no dey inside book. How pikin dey take learn tins wey dem no dey write? How pikin dey take relate with oda pikin dem for class? All dis things join wetin go make person make am for life! So my people, we need to stop dis mind of say, if pikin no carry 1st or 5th for class, di pikin na olodo. No be by who carry 1st.

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This article was first published on 26th July 2017


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