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Madam, We know say the story wey we dey hear na story of how house maid dey wicked, how dem dey use bad pay their madam wey do good for dem, or how dem dey carry bad belle from their former working place come dey wicked the new family. Na dat one dey make you feel say we no go hear how you dey wicked your own house girl. And people like you many; the thing wey una dey take these girls eye see fit make person cry. All those kin story, people no dey wan loud am. E be like say nobody remember say house girl sef na person pikin. ‎If not so, why you go dey force your house girl to carry hand fan dey fan you as you dey sleep? If hand begin pain am, why you go come beat am? Na food wey una no fit chop naim this girl go chop. If she do mistake sef, you no go gree make she chop at all. Na ground she go sleep. Beta cloth to wear sef, you no go buy for am. See as her hair scatter. Madam, you suppose to shame! Your husband don turn this girl to sex machine, dey force her to do wetin she no wan do. Instead of you to help her, you come dey blame her, dey punish her join the suffer wey she don suffer for your oga hand. All the Nigerian feem wey dem dey act about the suffer wey house girl dey suffer, e never fit show all the wicked wey you dey do your house girl, madam. You no get conscience? I wan even ask you why. Why you dey wicked to your house girl like this? Na because of suffer wey you yourself suffer before? If you suffer before, dat one suppose make you dey good to other people, so dat dem no go suffer like you. Why your own come be like this? Abi na because you wan show the girl say you beta pass am? You wan march am ‎for ground so dat everybody go know say na you be madam? If you know yourself, you go know say you no need to press anoda person down to show say you dey important. You no know yourself, madam. E fit be say you just no sabi do good for person wey no be your family member. Or maybe you feel say you fit just do the girl anyhow because nothing go happen.‎ After all na one far village wey nobody know naim she from come; who know her family and wetin dem fit do you? Our people for dis our society sef no dey help dis matter and dat one join wetin dey give you mind. Even case wey manage reach police, how many of dem don favour the poor house girl wey don suffer? Who dey check how the matter take end? No be small money dem go press for police hand and the matter go die? I no blame you, madam. If to say the girl mama and papa fit train am, she for no be house girl. If to say the girl get choice, she no go come do servant work for your house make you come turn am to slave. ‎Madam, e neva too late to change. E good for you as your pikin dem dey your hand, and you get money to take care of dem. Make you try do the same thing for your house girl. As your pikin dem dey chop well, make she too dey chop well. Buy beta cloth for her as you dey buy for your own. She no go be house girl forever; plan for her future too, even if she no go follow your pikin dem go big school. Ask her how things be for her family, and wetin she go like to do for life. If you fit help this your girl stand well well, na one person you don carry comot for suffer. When she born, life go better for her children pass the way e be for her. ‎Madam, make you allow God use you so dat one family life go beta. Thank you o.   Feature image photo credit:

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This article was first published on 10th March 2018 and updated on March 12th, 2018 at 4:15 pm


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