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Di way di matter of side chick dey reign for social media, e come be like say na new thing wey just start, but me and you know say e don tay. Even for our papa and mama generation, men dey get wife for house, come get babe for outside. Dat time sef, dem go dey togeda sotay, all di man friends and even some of im family members, go know di side chick. When I dey grow, di thing go dey wonder me. How person go dey follow anoda woman husband? Di thing no get as e be? She no dey feel one kain? I no even dey reason how di men dey feel, because dat time, man na just yeye thing for we eye; people wey no fit control diasef, and wey no get conscience. E tay before that thinking comot for my mind. Why I no go think like that? I no see many faithful men when I dey grow, so I just take am say na so man be. E get one man dat time wey we small; dis man love im wife no be small! E no dey carry her play o. Di woman sef too fine. If you see her skin, no single spot. Na so she dey like ice cream. Di way she dey waka, di way she dey do her business, di way she dey talk, her smile, me sef as I small, I know say di woman over correct. As life dey shock person, na so di woman come die after she sick. Oh, if you see as di man siddon for ground dey cry, you go sorry for am. Everybody just dey follow am dey cry. Na very painful sumtin. My people, before we know wetin day happen, oga don ready to marry again. No be dat one even pain me pass. Wetin pain me pass be say, di woman wey e wan marry, two of dem don dey togeda long time. Yes o, na side chick wan turn to wife so. Upon say e get dat kin wife, e still get anoda woman outside. E get di kind mark wey dat tin put for my small mind dat time. For Twitter dem dey call am menaskum. Di funny part of dis tin be say, I come like dis new wife no be small. Di woman dey nice! Na she be di first person wey make me realize say, side chick no be only one kind of person. Before, all side chick na winsh for my eye. To follow person husband na bad tin. Nothing fit make am good lai lai. Wetin dey bad, dey bad. Di oda side of di matter be say, no be all side chick be di same. Some dey wey no know say di man don marry. This group sef dey two: di ones wey once dem discover say di man na married man, dem go pick race sharp sharp, and di ones wey no go fit leave di man again weda na love hold dem tight, or na money wey dem dey get from di man. Dem no just fit comot again. Sometimes sef, na friendship di girl and di man dey and before dem know, water don pass garri. Dis one dey common when di man dey suffer for marriage. As e see where put head, e go kuku put him whole body. Na automatic side chick be dat. Dis girl go believe say soon and very soon, di man go divorce him wife come marry her. Na dat hope she dey use rub her conscience like aboniki balm. Some kain times di man fit dey lie for im wife head, side chick no go know. Sometimes di man fit dey suffer true true for di marriage, but e no go ever fit divorce her come marry side chick lai lai, unless maybe di wife die. Sometimes sef, side chick na babe wey di man friend before. Why dem no marry, na only dem know. Na so part two go come start when wife don enter di matter. I no know wetin I go tell man wey dey carry side chick for any reason. Na you get wife. Na you stand for registry or church carry your mouth talk wetin you talk, so wetin I wan add? Na for my sisters I get my small two kobo. I no sure say any girl wey dey grow, dey plan to become side chick. Na condition dey make crayfish bend. I no fit tell you say dat man no go ever marry you. E fit no be true. One thing wey I know for dis side chick matter be say, God no like am. If you dey inside, abeg make you try comot. Sometimes e dey hard well well. To comot go be like say you dey cut your hand comot for your body. Cut am, my sister. Just close eye, cut am.

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This article was first published on 3rd October 2017


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