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Which day here, me and my mama dey watch Nigerian film for house, and she come ask one question wey don dey wonder me tay. We don watch about 3 films wey concern marriage wahala, naim she turn look me: “Na wa o, but why two people go marry if dem no love each other?” The matter sef tire me. I know say people dey get different things for mind when dem wan marry. Some feel say dem love each other, meanwhile wetin dey do them no be love. Some sef first love each other true-true, but wahala of life no let the love see road- before dem know, dem don turn to stranger for house. Sometimes sef Na the two people dey careless with their love, or Dem no know say as love dey grow, Na so e fit die too. Dem go kuku leave am for where e dey, and e go kpeme. Na so life be. The one wey dey pain me na people wey know say dem no love person, dem go come marry the person put for suffer. People wey dey suffer inside marriage too many, and if you check many of dem, the person wey dem marry no first love dem before. If no be daily insult, e go be beating. If no be to wicked dem with money, na to wicked dem for bedroom. Which kin wahala be this? The way world people dey trouble adult once dem never marry, naim dey push many people go marry who dem no love. When you go marry na? Nobody dey talk to you? Woman be like flower o. Time dey go o. Make your mama and papa carry their grandchildren o. By now your mates don get two children o, you dey here dey do bachelor. E go come be like say if person no marry na crime. Abeg! E better make person dey single with happiness, than to dey marriage with sadness. Yes, na true say marriage dey sweet, but that na when the two people fit each other, and dem love each other. Even that one sef, dem go still see wahala as dem dey happy together, because wahala dey life. Not to talk of the one wey dem no love each other from beginning and dem just marry sake of say person must marry. My mama go always say, person wey person love, e dey different from person wey person just dey manage. You sef check am, e good make person marry sake of say e dey sorry for person, or world people say time to marry don reach? Everybody wan enjoy their marriage. If you know say you no love somebody with all your mind, abeg waka dey go front. No marry dem, come take your own spoil their own. Leave dem, make the person wey go love dem come marry dem, and dem go dey happy together. And if you know say you never even ready to marry just leave am, dey enjoy your life dey go. When you ready, make you marry who you love wey love you too. Na beg I dey beg you. Read our Pidgin English Articles

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This article was first published on 31st August 2017 and updated on September 7th, 2017 at 10:23 am


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