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The logistics involved in running an e-commerce site especially when it comes to delivery of goods can be bugging. To ensure more efficiency in delivery of goods, Konga, Nigeria’s largest online shopping mall is launching an extensive warehouse infrastructure project across the country to service the many online sellers.

Konga is said to have over 60,000 merchants and what is obtainable presently is that merchants have about three days to drop off any purchased items at a distribution site, where Konga’s team will go on to deliver the item on their behalf to the buyers. But with this new project, the processing time for orders is set to reduce from 40hrs to 3hrs.

Speaking on the project termed ‘Fulfilled by Konga’, Konga CEO, Shola Adekoya says, “Warehousing and distribution is notoriously challenging in Nigeria; we have set ourselves a Herculean task of building a network of technologically advanced warehousing sites across Nigeria, that will bring speedy, cost-efficient sales solutions for our growing number of merchants looking to do business online, and will act as a considerable boost to Nigeria’s growing e-commerce sector”.

Presently, Konga has a 60,000 sq ft space distribution centre in Lagos, which houses over 200,000 items. But with the launch of Fulfilled by Konga, this space will be doubled to 120,000 sq ft and more warehouses will be built in other states.

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This article was first published on 24th October 2016


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