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A great meal is always a memorable experience. You can’t get enough of it; it even tempts you to prolong the experience. If you’re the creator of such a fantastic meal, you can’t help but lap up the compliments; the feeling of satisfaction is orgasmic. A bad meal on the other hand is an experience best forgotten by both the creator and the consumers. The embarrassment it causes the creator is better experienced than told. Today, I’ll be sharing six tips on how to become a better cook with you. If you think yourself hopeless in the kitchen, these tips will help you. If you are a good cook who wants to get better, these tips will be useful as well.

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Adjust the flavour

Tasting and adjusting the flavours is a very important aspect of cooking. Having all the ingredients in the world will not make you a good cook. So, if you want to become a good cook, you have to learn how to adjust the flavours in such a way that you’ll get the best taste out of your food. After adding your spices, taste the food, if it tastes bland, adjust the ingredient(s) a little at a time. If you add too much at once you run the risk of adding a little too much. This will still make your food horrible.

Have the basic tools

Cooking, like most skills that fall under creative arts, demands that the creator work with the right tools. Believe it or not, having the right tools make a difference in cooking. Investing in an expensive blender, for instance, will help you blend that beans with ease. While you may not have the resources to buy all the kitchen tools at once, you can acquire them one at a time until you have all the ones you need.


Nobody is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. Those who are willing, learn every day. Research will help you hone your skill. It will furnish you with recipes from different cultures that you might want to try if you are adventurous.  It’ll also expose you to little secrets that will help your cooking ministry.

Plan ahead

This is the secret weapon of most good cooks. Planning ahead helps you to effortlessly stay on top of the game. Even though the god of creativity might come upon you when you least expect it and force you to conduct unscheduled cooking experiments, planning ahead ensures that you have all the ingredients to prepare the meal you want.

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Cook when the time is right

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. When things are done at the right time, the result is almost always awesome. If you want to cook, do so when you have minimal distraction. Don’t start cooking when your favourite TV programme is on air. Don’t start cooking if you can’t put down that novel for five minutes. Cooking when the distractions are minimal reduces the chances of serving a burnt, overcooked or undercooked meal.

Practice makes perfect

The more you cook, the better you become. That’s simply because when you cook often, you become more comfortable in the kitchen. This in turn boosts your confidence level.

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This article was first published on 31st January 2020


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