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  Social media has become a bustling hub for culinary enthusiasts, offering a window into the kitchens of some of the most creative chefs around. For those who love to explore new recipes or simply enjoy the visual feast of beautifully presented dishes, following the right chefs on Instagram can transform your feed into an endless stream of culinary inspiration.
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This list of 10 Nigerian culinary stars offers a variety of flavours and cooking styles, each chef bringing their unique touch to traditional and contemporary dishes.
  1. Chef T (Omotolani Sarah Olowojoba)

Known as Diary of a Kitchen Lover (DOKL), Chef T shares vibrant Nigerian and intercontinental dishes, alongside kitchen organization tips. Her joyful engagements and ambassadorial roles make her page a delight. Follow her on Instagram @diaryofakitchenlover.
  1. Chef Winnie (Winifred Nwania)

Vanguard News
A food consultant and recipe developer, Chef Winnie excels in creating healthy yet mouthwatering meals. Her famous “Dodo pizza” and various kitchen tips are a must-watch. Connect with her on Instagram @zeeliciousfoods.
  1. Chef Cupid (Nelson Michael)

Bella Naija Style
Specializing in pastries, Chef Cupid offers recipes perfect for romantic settings and teaches various baking techniques. His page is a treat for those looking to sweeten their culinary skills. Follow him on Instagram @chefcupid.
  1. TSpices (Tosin Samuel)

Ventures Africa
Known for her viral plantain frittata video, TSpices shares low-budget food tips and delightful recipes. Her infectious giggle adds a unique charm to her cooking videos. Follow her journey on Instagram @tspices_kitchen.
  1. Kiki Foodies

Bella Naija Style
Chef Kiki’s page is a celebration of food photography and mouth-watering homemade recipes. Her artistic presentation of dishes is visually appealing and inspiring. Stay updated with her creations on Instagram @kikifoodies.
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  1. Ozoz Sokoh (Kitchen Butterfly)

Eat Drink Lagos
A food explorer who transforms traditional Nigerian dishes into culinary adventures. Her blog, “The New Nigerian Kitchen”, is a trove of innovative recipes and food stories. Follow her on Instagram @kitchenbutterfly.
  1. Chef Benedict (Benedict Okozu)

OloriSuper Gal
An expert in Italian cuisines with Nigerian twists. Chef Benedict’s culinary skills were honed at prestigious institutions like Le Cordon Bleu. He’s a must-follow for exquisite dish ideas on Instagram @chef_benedict.
  1. Michael Elegbede

Visual Collaborative
Michael is passionate about showcasing Nigerian cuisine on global platforms. His food journey is captivating and filled with inspirational stories and recipes. Follow his Instagram @michael__elegbede.
  1. Ronke Edoho (9jafoodie)

Eat Drink Lagos
A certified nutritionist and weight loss specialist, Ronke shares healthy Nigerian recipes that are easy to follow. Her Instagram page is a great resource for anyone looking to spice up their diet with Nigerian flavours @9jafoodie.
  1. Foodace

Bella Naija Style
Known for her simple and impactful cooking style, Foodace shares memorable meal recipes that are easy to replicate. Her pepper sauce and suya spice are crowd favourites. Catch her updates on Instagram @foodace.
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Exploring the Instagram pages of these Nigerian culinary stars enriches your palette and also broadens your understanding of the cultural significance behind each dish. As they blend traditional cooking with modern twists, these chefs preserve their heritage and also introduce it to a global audience.
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This article was first published on 26th April 2024 and updated on April 29th, 2024 at 10:05 am

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