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  Today is a good day to read a book! Starting the week with motivation sets the tone for positive outcomes in both personal and professional spheres. Diving into inspiring reads fueling personal development and professional growth is a great way to kickstart your Monday. In this article, I share some recommended reads for a motivated start to your week. Let’s begin!
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  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peopleby Stephen R. Covey

Covey’s timeless classic provides practical insights on building effective habits for personal and professional success. Learn how to prioritize and manage your time, fostering a proactive approach to work and life.
  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

Clear’s book discusses the power of small habits and their profound impact on personal development. Discover how tiny changes can lead to remarkable results, both in your career and personal life.
  1. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck

Dweck explores the concept of mindset and how your beliefs about your abilities can shape your success. Gain valuable insights into fostering a growth mindset for continuous improvement.
  1. Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Sinek’s book emphasizes the importance of understanding your purpose. Whether in your career or personal endeavours, defining your “why” can drive motivation and guide your actions towards meaningful goals.
  1. The Power of Nowby Eckhart Tolle

Tolle’s spiritual guide encourages living in the present moment. Discover how staying present can alleviate stress and enhance both personal and professional aspects of your life.
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  1. Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Brown’s exploration of vulnerability and courage is particularly relevant in the workplace. Learn how embracing vulnerability can lead to stronger connections, innovation, and personal growth.
  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Carnegie’s classic is a guide to effective communication and relationship-building. Enhance your interpersonal skills, an essential component for success in any professional environment.
  1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Ruiz’s book imparts ancient Toltec wisdom for personal freedom and success. Apply the four agreements to cultivate a mindset that fosters personal and professional fulfilment.
  1. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Usby Daniel H. Pink

Pink explores the science of motivation, challenging traditional views. Understand the factors that truly drive individuals to excel in their personal and professional pursuits.
  1. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Duckworth explores the concept of grit – the combination of passion and perseverance. Learn how cultivating grit can lead to long-term success in your career and personal endeavours.
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Final Thoughts

Whether fostering effective habits, developing a growth mindset, understanding the power of now, or enhancing communication skills, these books offer valuable insights for personal and professional growth. Take a moment to pick up one of these reads and set the stage for a week filled with inspiration and achievement. Happy reading!
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This article was first published on 27th February 2024


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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