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Life can be random. It can come at you with several overwhelming problems. That’s why it’s easy to give up your personal power and blame your misfortune on external circumstances. 

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Although easier than done, the way through this randomness is to live a life of order and intention. When you become more intentional about your life and focus on things that bring you to value, you reclaim your personal freedom and power.

Taking personal responsibility is a lifestyle. Here are some ways to adopt this lifestyle. 

Stop the blame game 

There’s a lot to blame when you look around you. You can blame your upbringing, environment, or the economy for your misfortune. However, when you stop blaming and decide to take responsibility, you reclaim your personal power. You’re able to escape the clutches of resentment, bitterness, and powerlessness that come with a victim mentality. Although life can be unfair, it’s always better to move on from bad situations and focus on your ability to take action and create the life you desire. 

Practise self-love 

The inability to take responsibility for your life comes from a place of self-hate. If you love yourself enough then you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to make your life better. And this means taking responsibility. Make it a priority to start practising self self-love. Do things to find validation from within instead of seeking validation from others. 

Be intentional about your day 

When you wake up, have a plan for the day. Create daily habits that will enable you to chase your goals, practise self-love, and build a better life for yourself. You can maximise your daily productivity by waking up early and creating a routine. Some healthy habits to include in your routine include:

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  • Spending time on productive work
  • Getting quality sleep
  • Exercise
  • Meditating and journaling
  • Practising gratitude
  • Eating healthy
  • Leisure activities

Taking responsibility for your life goes beyond a change in mindset. You have to live it. And you can do this by forming daily habits that better your life. 

Accept negative emotions 

It’s easy to see why avoiding negative emotions will prevent you from taking responsibility. When you fear the emotions that come with suffering, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to do things that push you to grow. Start acknowledging your emotions and being true to yourself. This lifestyle may come with some risks, but it would be worth it in the end – you’d be the one dictating the trajectory of your life. 

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This article was first published on 5th May 2022


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