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With Quickteller, you can pay your PHCN bills instantly and with less stress. The automated solution isn’t just limited to PHCN bills, with payment options for airtime, event or cinema tickets, money transfers and other essential daily tasks included. Here is a comprehensive guide for PHCN bill payments:   OPTION 1: Fill out the online form on the Quickteller website. Fields to complete include: 1. Account number 2. E-mail address 3. Mobile number 4. Amount (for bill payment)   OPTION 2: Call the Quickteller phone line. Steps: 1. Dial 08139850002 and wait for instructions. 2. Press “3” to pay bills. 3. Press “4” for PHCN payments. 4. Enter your meter number followed by the # key (You will be asked to confirm the number) 5. Enter the amount to pay followed by the # key (You will be asked to confirm your payment)   OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS: 1. Dial the short code *322# and follow the prompt. 2. SMS ‘QT HELP’ to 32122. 3. Select the Quickteller option on an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).   Source:   Read also: 8 Important Rules to Follow From Quickteller to Avoid Getting Scammed!! Visa Cards Now Acceptable for all Quickteller Payments  

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This article was first published on 28th October 2015


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5 thoughts on “How to Pay Your PHCN Bills With Quickteller”

  • Hello after the payment is made will we get a sort of soft token/pin to punch into our meter? For those of us with meters that have key pads

  • Paying your Electricity bills online might be the easiest thing you have ever done online because it is very simple and straight forward, all you need is a phone or laptop connected to the internet and follow this steps below
    • Log on to
    • Select Electricity bills and click on the choice of Electricity bill you want to pay for ( Ikeja Electric, EKO electricity distribution)
    • Enter the required details
    • Click on on the continue button and you will be directed to the Interswitch web pay gateway, enter details of your active ATM/Debit card to complete your transaction. Interswitch processes Mastercard, Visa card and Verve cards at the moment.

    It is fast and easy and saves you a lot of stress and also ensure you can spend valuable time on important thing than going to the bank or PHCN office to make Payment.
    Make your life Easier with VTpass.

  • Make Ikeja Electric Distribution Company (IKEDC) payment in less than 3 minutes with these simple steps:
    1. Click on this link
    2. Pick your meter type
    3. Enter your meter number
    4. Enter your phone number or email address
    5. Pay.

  • I mistakenly made a payment of 30,000 instead of 3,000 naira.

    I sent an email but no reply yet; do you think the money will be refunded? Has any one made such error and got their funds back?

  • I’ve used Quickteller for over a year to purchase the token from EEDC for my prepaid meter seamlessly. Today, I’ve paid for over an hour but my token is yet to appear on my phone, yet my account has been debited. The token used to appear simultaneously as the account is debited. What’s going on?

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