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  “Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition — such as lifting weights — we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” — Stephen Covey
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Life is full of roadblocks. It is part of our everyday life. The most important thing is how we interpret or face it. For some, roadblocks are hurdles that they must jump; for others, it is a dead-end. The truth is that roadblocks can be overwhelming and scary at first. It is natural. But what matters most is the mindset we put up when faced with roadblocks. For the emotionally weak, they view roadblocks as a defeating hindrance, while some see them as an obstacle that cannot be overcome, to others, it is a limitation that must be left alone, while for champions it is a challenge they must overcome. Roadblocks can either motivate you to overcome or create in you a feeling of defeat. All that matters most is how we respond to roadblocks. In this article, I compile five powerful strategies that can help you surmount your roadblocks. 
  1. View Roadblocks As Opportunities To Learn, Grow And Develop

The most successful people develop a mentality of viewing roadblocks as opportunities to learn something new about themselves or something else. They know that roadblocks allow them to grow into better persons and develop new life skills.
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Little wonder, Napoleon Hill opined “the strongest men are built in the days of adversity.” The biggest truth is that adversity does not kill; it only makes you stronger. What kills is if it remains unchallenged. The frustration of roadblocks lies in doing nothing about them. Roadblocks are bedrocks for growth. 

2. Challenge Your Creativity

The next step towards overcoming roadblocks is by challenging your creativity. The greatest secret to overcoming puzzling roadblocks lies in the creativity of your mind. This is how groundbreaking inventions and innovations came to be. Therefore, look for available resources that can help you. Spend quality time meditating on the problem and searching your mind, and searching your soul for solutions, for that eureka moment. There are a whole lot of materials that can help you towards solving roadblocks. Albert Einstein stated that his successes in physics relied on the quality time he spent on a problem.
  • Seek Support From Smarter And Experienced People

“A problem shared, is half solved,” says the wise. There is no roadblock you are facing that someone in time past hasn’t faced and overcome. You have to seek out these people. In times of challenges, smart people seek help from smarter people. When faced with roadblocks, it is wiser to consult with smarter colleagues, who truly care, or family, peers, experts, or an offline and online community.
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Also reading books, industry magazines, and journals, listening to expert podcasts, and talking to your parents or elder siblings or friends are good ways to go. 
  • Negotiate Where Possible

Some roadblocks are a creation of artificial circumstances, which are man-made. For instance, if there is government policy that will affect your business, this is a man-made roadblock. The wisest thing to do is to explore every available means for negotiation. By negotiating where possible, you can buy more time that will allow you to navigate, or get the compensation that will cushion the magnitude of the effect. Therefore, several roadblocks can be surmounted through negotiation and diplomacy. All you have to do is to look for opportunities to exploit.
  • Put Up A Positive Spirit

Finally, when facing a roadblock, it is important to put up a positive spirit. This matters a lot because, when you are facing a roadblock with a defeated spirit, you might find yourself, struggling for a long and even overwhelmed by it. There are times the solution may not be forthcoming, you have to be deliberate about maintaining an optimistic spirit. People who encounter roadblocks take a break from the whole struggle, relax, have a good sleep, and do what they love.  Featured Image Source: All Pro Dad
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This article was first published on 14th July 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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