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  It is a wrongfully founded notion that you have to stay a certain number of years before you can get promoted and reach a phase in your career where you can be comfortable. That you have spent less than 5 years working does not mean you cannot get to places where people with more experience go to. There are specific ways to fast track your career in order to maximize the time you have already invested.
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  1. Set Specific Goals

It is a wonder why so many people do not seem to grow in their careers. Taking a look at a wide range of people who are in that boat, a look at their CV would show an almost disturbing rate of stagnancy. The reason is that many do not set specific career goals. They know they want to be somewhere but they do not know where. It is important to set specific goals that make it easier to measure your growth and ascertain where you want to be.
  1. Map The Plan

Now you know where you want to be and when you want to be there. It is the best time to map out the plan. You are not mapping unrealistic goals; you are mapping out concise plans that help you achieve your career goals. The who you would meet, the training you would attend, the money you would spend. Basically, all you need to arrive at the specific goal.
  1. Follow Mentors

You cannot fast track your career goal without a focal point. It is easy to see the people who have reached the levels you want and then move in the same direction they have walked. This makes it so much easier to avoid certain mistakes and focus on their strengths. What this means is you can approach them for issues you find hard to untangle and trust that they would put you in the right direction.
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  1. Build Relationships

You cannot fast track your career journey in isolation. Seek out a community of people that are similarly minded to you. This allows you to pursue the things you intend to do with a tribe. You can share your victories and pitfalls with this tribe. To make things better, this tribe because of their far-reaching tentacles can introduce you to opportunities you did not know was possible.
  1. Always Volunteer

One final point to note is that you should always volunteer your help and services in places you want to work. This helps you gain the necessary skills that they are looking for. It also helps them see that you are fit for the role you intend to apply for and it is easier for you to bag the job. These are perfectly sensible action plans that one can carry out to fast track their career journey. The truth is that it might take some time to make them a second habit. However, after all, these are achieved, the speed of growth can be likened to a rocket approach. It is important to make sure that your own work is able to speak for yourself when you get to the place you have planned in your career. Featured Image Source: The Elevation Church
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This article was first published on 6th November 2021


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