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A yellow fever card or certificate is a document that confirms that the holder has been vaccinated against yellow fever and is hence free to travel. A yellow card is a requisite travel document for anyone living in or travelling to countries in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa or South America which are high risk regions for the yellow fever virus.  If you are over nine months old (which I am guessing you are because you are reading this), then you are eligible for one and would be required to have one for travelling.

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The Federal Government reviews its yellow card every few years so even though a new issue has a validity period of ten years and the vaccine lasts for life once taken, you might find yourself going for one not long after. True to character, the Federal Government has reviewed the policy again and the process has been digitized and the new e-cards come with barcodes which can be scanned anywhere in the world. The steps described below will help you obtain one easily enough.

  1. Log on to the Yellow Fever Card website and click Register.
  2. Fill out the fields with your personal information and proceed to click Pay Now.
  3. Pay the sum of N2,000 through the Remita payment portal or proceed to any bank with your RRR code and make payment.
  4. Upon making and confirming payment, proceed to the Port Health office with the print out of the online especially your personal bio-data page to get vaccinated.

You will not need to be vaccinated if you have been vaccinated before. All that will be required will be to make the payment and receive the new card.

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Note that since children who were vaccinated as babies will not need another vaccination to get the new e-card.

Note also that as of April 2019, the old yellow fever cards lost validity. Be advised that pregnant women are not exempt from yellow fever vaccinations. Apart from the Port Health Office, Ikeja, you can get vaccinated as well as get your e-card at offices at both Tincan Island and Apapa Sea Ports, Seme and Idiroko border offices and all Federal Secretariats.


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This article was first published on 22nd November 2019


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