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Technical skill :A skill that is required for the accomplishment of a specific task Technical skills are very essential in this modern day. Technical skills are the most fundamental skills a client looks out for in terms of efficiency and output. In recent times the demands for skilled workers /employees are increasing on a daily basis because clients and employers prefer those who are technically sound (the knowhow). This is because every company and firm wants to minimize cost and maximize profit. Technical skills needs to be developed and upgraded from time to time .While computers have become easier to use in many ways, the leading edge is more complicated than ever. These complexities scare many people away from developing their technical skills, but the latter pays off, no pain no gain. Here are some beautiful reasons why you need to develop you technical skill Save money: You can save money every time you solve a technical problem on your own; instead of having to hire someone at your expense. This can add up to substantial savings over time. You can also save money by taking advantage of low-cost, high-tech solutions. Enjoy significantly higher paying work: Whether you’re employed or self-employed, strong technical skills allow you to leverage technology to the hilt, and that leverage pays.  The better you understand the technology you use, the more value you can efficiently extract from it. Save Time: you’ll save time by solving technical problems quickly. There are many technical problems that baffle novices but which require only a quick fix from someone with adequate technical skills. Like the Nigerian street adage says “if you no know, you no know!” People get ripped off on a daily for very minor things they can solve in a twinkle of an eye.  Ignorance can be costly. Prevent problems: you’ll prevent problems before they occur by intelligently maintaining and upgrading your technology.  Even a simple skill like anti-virus update and constant scanning of your computer can help safe a total crash or infested files on your pc. Reduce frustration: Technology isn’t frustrating if you understand how it works, but the lack of it could be. Make intelligent technology purchases: you’ll get better value, higher quality components, and more control over the final product .Since technology depreciates so rapidly, and since component quality can vary widely, knowing how to buy great value at a great price is a very practical skill. Empower yourself: you can use your computer to manage your whole life now, including your finances, schedules and entertainment. Knowing how to use technology can add tremendous richness to your life.  But if you lack the technical skills, you’ll probably find it way too complicated to extract this value in a reasonable amount of time. Access information efficiently: whenever you want to know something, you can go online and get the information needed in seconds. Sites like, BellaNaija , Nairaland and so on have the information you might need at your disposal. It takes a bit of technical skill to craft intelligent queries when you’re searching for something obscure. Need to buy a new metallic gray car?  Want to see upcoming events?  With an internet connection at hand the world is at you threshold. Earn money online (business online): this is the coolest benefit of a technical know-how; you can build your own income-generating web site.  Start a simple web business you can run by yourself in your spare time with no expenses except web hosting. Play around with technology: competence builds confidence. As you develop your technical skills, you’ll feel more comfortable with all forms of technology.  You’ll feel in control of technology instead of intimidated by it. The more technical experience you gain, the faster you’ll adapt to new technology. Technical skills are of the essence these days, don’t be on the losing end.

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This article was first published on 5th July 2012

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