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By Frederick Chegwe.

Career Growth Growth is a necessity in life. Anything that exists and does not show growth or improvement is irrelevant and is quickly discarded. Every economy, enterprise and individual desires growth. To be wealthy, respected, influential, successful and happy, you must grow into it. For the career men and women, Jimi Tewe shared strategies on how to grow in your career at the CareerShift event, day two. For those who missed this event we are willing to share with you, here on, a few of these powerful strategies. Competence We’re in an age where every industry is highly competitive because of information. So many people possess the same skills that you do. To be relevant, and grow in your industry, you must be highly competent at what you do. Jimi Tewe shared different forms of competence you can operate in to move ahead in your career. Predictable Competence, Renewable Competence, and Superior Competence among others. A few definitions: Predictable Competence. In your field, you must be known to be good at certain things. Your level of competence must be predictable. People must know what to expect from you when you are given a certain task or project. Renewable Competence. I have heard this truth time and again. One must continue to upgrade his skills to remain relevant in any field. Attend seminars and workshops; get more certifications if you have to. Read relevant books. Keep on gathering knowledge. Nigeria will definitely be better off when more people invest in upgrading their skills. Perception Every man is motivated by the desire to be appreciated. To be seen as the best, to be relevant and important. It is a common desire among all men, but is it a reality? The Holy Bible says “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. To achieve greatness, you must first see yourself achieving greatness. Soon enough, your thoughts about yourself will begin to reflect to all around you, and people will begin to treat you as such. Learn. Can. Earn The key to becoming the highest paid professional in your field can be summarized in these words – Learn, Can and Earn. One must learn the required skills, be competent at his work, and then the cash starts to roll in. Only unreasonable folks will expect to earn when they are not competent. And every competency must be learned. About CareerShift Career Shift is a career coaching event that aims at helping individuals advance in their career, achieve greatness, and fulfill purpose at their chosen field. It was an exciting and inspiring two-day event that held on Thursday and Friday, 21st and 22nd June, 2012 at Terraculture, Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island, Lagos. To learn more about the event and the speakers, Jimi Tewe and Fela Durotoye, click here: CareerShift for Busy Professionals Featuring Fela Durotoye and Jimi Tewe.

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