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Buying used phones in Nigeria can turn out to be a very tedious task. You stand the chance of being swindled, being sold a refurbished phone or a Chinese variant, or even purchasing a phone that’s entirely spoilt. Most popular retail stores do not sell UK Used phones either. As a result, most people shy away from used phones and would rather buy any new phone their money can afford. Affordables stores to the rescue. Woo! Affordables Comm. Ltd offers good quality UK used phones at unbeatable prices. You also get a limited warranty, so, in case the phone has any fault whatsoever, you can take it back to their stores. They also sell brand new phones at great prices too. If you loving using expensive phones, but do not have enough cash to purchase a brand new one, you can check out the UK Used phones catalog on the Affordable website. You can visit their head office at No. 7, kodesoh Street. Computer Village Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria. More details are on their website Read Top 3 4G Smartphone in Nigeria Under 40,000(2017) Read Top 10 Phones in Nigeria Under 40,000

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This article was first published on 5th August 2017


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