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PAC A common cause of business failure is lack of capital; but, the purpose of investment banks is to help private and public organizations raise this capital through issuing and selling securities. However, it takes professionalism, expertise and innovation for any investment bank to fully carry out its activities. PanAfrican Capital, an investment banking firm, has an excellent record of successful Funds Raising & Advisory Services that cut across Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Petroleum Marketing, Food & Beverages and more. With a highly experienced and skilled team of professionals, PanAfrican Capital delivers excellent services when it comes to wealth creation for individuals, public corporations and government enterprises. Their services include: Corporate Finance: Corporate Finance is an area of finance dealing with the financial decisions corporations and government make and the tools and analysis used to make those decisions. The Corporate Finance team helps companies;
  • Develop a long term funding scheme that ensures the achievement and sustainability of the Company’s strategic plans,
  • Profile target local and international investors,
Assets Management: Activities are focused on “defending” Customers’ Portfolio while helping clients seek better opportunities and create value in the foreseeable future irrespective of the direction of the local and international economies. Securities Trading: The securities trading arm is managed by seasoned Brokers/Dealers with outstanding achievements in the Nigerian Capital Market. The dedicated team offers Advisory Services, Investment Management Services and Share Transfer Services. Investment banking is all about creating wealth for the clients. Excellent investment banking is PanAfrican Capital To get more information visit their website Tel:  +234 1 2716899, +234 1 2718631 E-mail: info [at]

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This article was first published on 21st February 2013 and updated on January 30th, 2017 at 12:35 pm

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