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According to 2015 research statistics, there are approximately 40 million prostitutes worldwide. This extremely alarming figure calls for the cultivation of our young girls into women who can boldly stand against life’s pressures of immorality, no matter how trying they may be. Nehi Igbinijesu’s debut book, The Code is a fictional prose which cleverly explores the role good mothers play in raising strong women in society. The story’s heroine, Kay, is your everyday career woman on a mission to find the perfect work-motherhood balance to the benefit of her three little daughters. Under the tutelage of Hypatia the Chaperone, she acquires the ten principles of raising great women, all needed to make her desires a reality. They include the following: 1. The Principle of Exposure 2. The Principle of Praise 3. The Principle of Body Safety 4. The Principle of Fatherly Presence 5. The Principle of Financial Capability 6. The Principle of Reality versus Fantasy 7. The Principle of Pointing Out Female Role Models 8. The Principle of Recognising Genius 9. The Principle of Anti-Sexism 10. The Principle of Emotional Competence Staying true to the art of good story-telling, the writer presents readers with a collection of unique success stories, each belonging to a character with a distinct personality. We have Mildred, the determined sports manager who succeeded in introducing an impactful sports programme after series of disappointments.  Then, there is Major General Maria A. Biaduo, a commanding officer in the Nigerian army who is forced to fight off sexist views of female military officers to progress in her career. Last but certainly not least is Hypatia herself, whose inspiring rags to riches story is sure to cause a tear or two. What to expect from this book: Awe-inspiring moments and life-long lessons your daughters, their future husbands and children are certain to thank you for. What we wish we saw more of: Nigerian names, and more elements of our unique culture. Interested in reading The Code? Order your copy by calling+2348053163154   Read also: What Really Makes a Marriage Work Fun Friday: 45 Things You Will Be Judged For as a Nigerian Mother The Typical Way Nigerian Parents Raise Kids    

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This article was first published on 26th October 2015 and updated on February 10th, 2016 at 5:10 am


Ify Halim is a Writer and media enthusiast based in Lagos. She enjoys writing self-help/inspirational articles with published work in UYD Magazine, Edufrica, Our Stories Inc. and The Keele Concourse. She currently works at, Nigeria’s Information Portal. Follow her on Twitter @MissHalim or visit her online space at

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