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IKE NNAEBUE – I’m an Incurable Optimist…

29th May 2018

In the ‘New Nollywood’, a modern variant of the Nigerian movie industry, I am amazed at how often social media is flooded with fresh movie alerts. We have been ushered into a divergent dispensation of the cinemas which our parents enjoyed in Nigeria, based on the consistent display of contemporary work. In the midst of … Continue reading IKE NNAEBUE – I’m an Incurable Optimist…

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Chat With Chris Odeh

17th October 2017

Chris Odeh is a producer, project manager, and marketer. He is the Founder and senior producer for Sozo Films, as well as Talent Manager for Ramsey Films. He co-owns Ibuzor Studios and Project Arewa -indigenous content production companies – which he runs with some partners, and has produced content for both local and international platforms … Continue reading Chat With Chris Odeh

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Interviews Meet the Boss

Interview with George Omoregie, MD/CEO Kids Fashion Mart, Bolton

10th May 2017

Discovering your purpose in life is a milestone, but committing to it is what ensures actualization. A lot of people still wade through the waters of life getting by, making money and having their needs met, but not fulfilling their dreams. Those dreams remain unfulfilled and keep tugging at their hearts, making them wonder continuously … Continue reading Interview with George Omoregie, MD/CEO Kids Fashion Mart, Bolton

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Personal Development

Picking Up the Pieces

1st April 2017

The world breaks everyone, and afterwards, many are stronger at the broken places.
– Ernest Hemmingway

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BUSINESS Interviews

An Interview on Business with Michael D. Williams

15th March 2017

Michael Dale Williams is a marketing consultant who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and SMEs create profitable businesses. His book The More3 Formula, endorsed by the renowned development, sales and business expert, Brian Tracy, has helped numerous entrepreneurs see business from a different perspective and increase their profit. In Nigeria, he has worked as a consultant … Continue reading An Interview on Business with Michael D. Williams

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Meet the Boss

Meet the Boss: Clare (Eluka) Anyiam-Osigwe, CEO Premae Cosmetics

20th February 2017

Allergy issues can be quite challenging to deal with, and doctors often have no solutions to a lot of them. This is especially true in Nigeria, so a Nigerian entrepreneur producing cosmetics specially formulated with allergies in mind, is engaged in truly life-changing work. In this interview with Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, she talks to Omonefe Eruotor … Continue reading Meet the Boss: Clare (Eluka) Anyiam-Osigwe, CEO Premae Cosmetics

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World AIDS Day 2016

1st December 2016

The 1st of December is World AIDS Day, a day set aside to remember those who have passed, show support for those living with HIV/AIDS and create awareness  on HIV prevention. HIV was discovered in 1984 and since then, millions of people have died as a result. According to the World Health Organization (2015), over … Continue reading World AIDS Day 2016

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Discover Nigeria

Calabar Festival and What to Expect

Over the years, I have watched the Calabar festival on television without understanding it perfectly. I had to look closely and study and now I believe I know enough to prepare your hearts for the 2016 event. The month of December is usually a fun one in Cross River State because of the numerous tourist … Continue reading Calabar Festival and What to Expect

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Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

20th November 2016

Last Tuesday, my baby came home with itchy eyes, and as a dutiful mom, I bought an over-the-counter ophthalmic solution for him on my way from work the next day. When I got home and met that the eyes had turned red with conjunctivitis, popularly known as apollo, I was happy I took initiative and started treatment for him … Continue reading Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

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Eradication of Poverty

18th October 2016

Yesterday was the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. I want to share an article I wrote last year for this purpose: The 17th of October has been set aside as the international day for the eradication of poverty. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals, the aim is to end all forms … Continue reading Eradication of Poverty

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Learning from Healthy Competition

11th October 2016

A very interesting thing happened in the market when I went shopping last Saturday and I was taken aback, but had a rethink and realized that that is exactly how things should be. I was buying spinach from a lady whose table was next to another one who also sold with fresh vegetables. Unknowingly, I … Continue reading Learning from Healthy Competition

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Unchecked Food Practices

1st August 2016

There they go again, pure water-carrying trucks scorched by the sun till the sachets of water they carry feel as hot as can be used for cocoa or tea. They are meticulous, doing their jobs as they deem fit, without realizing that they are committing a crime, a crime against humanity. Daily they poison unsuspecting … Continue reading Unchecked Food Practices

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Journey to Self

28th July 2016

  I remember a point in time when Christian songs were limited to the slow and hymn-like styles, when the young ones always complained of not having songs they could relate with, they felt caged. Gospel music in Nigeria has taken a new dimension; artistes express themselves in native dialects, English and Pidgin, breaking the … Continue reading Journey to Self

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Personal Development

Little Things that Matter

15th July 2016

There is a general desire to look at the big things – a graduate looks to the point when he will earn six digits; a worker looks to the time when he will be the manager; a lady looks ahead to the day when she will walk down the aisle, dressed in white; and a … Continue reading Little Things that Matter

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Quotes I Cannot Forget

27th May 2016

A review of the #cnwriters conference.

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FAMILY Society Tribute Women

Your Bottle of Perfume

12th May 2016

Your bottle of perfume is in your hands lady- A Tribute to Late Mrs Ronke Bewaji Shode

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CAREER motivation

Understanding Your Needs

8th April 2016

I attended a training exercise today and guess what? Everyone was talking about trying to explore their creative talents and being unable to go through because of challenges. The most common challenge was finance. The facilitator had to correct the mindset by stating clearly that holding on to the idea that all you need is … Continue reading Understanding Your Needs

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Truth Redefined

31st March 2016

What is truth? The Oxford Mini Reference dictionary defines truth as ‘the quality of being true or something that is true’. We also have a definition of true as being ‘in accordance with fact, genuine, exact, accurate, loyal, faithful.’ We can deduce from the preceding definitions that facts are what make up the truth. In … Continue reading Truth Redefined

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Rising Trends of the Nigerian Pidgin against Standard English

28th March 2016

  While my parents grew up, they spoke their native languages at home and English in school as well as other formal settings. This way, they spoke English as well as their dialects correctly, I cannot remember any of their friends of same educational status who speaks grammatically incorrect English. When I was a child, … Continue reading Rising Trends of the Nigerian Pidgin against Standard English