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I remember a point in time when Christian songs were limited to the slow and hymn-like styles, when the young ones always complained of not having songs they could relate with, they felt caged. Gospel music in Nigeria has taken a new dimension; artistes express themselves in native dialects, English and Pidgin, breaking the barriers of restrictive style to create contemporary songs that everyone can relate with. These songs give people the opportunity to go beyond routine and enjoy praising God at home, in church or at concerts.


One of such events will be holding this Sunday, July 31st  at the Shebba Centre, Ikeja, Lagos; where Anny, an award-winning contemporary gospel artist who has released songs like ‘Come and See’, Your Mercy’,‘Time’,‘Ayomide’ and others, and has collaborated with artists like Kefee, Sammie Okposo and other artistes will be having an album concert tagged ‘Journey2Self’. It promises to be a great time as she takes her guests through her life’s journey. I know most people expect artists and other people in the limelight to be perfect from scratch, born with all they need to be the best that they can be. They don’t realize that the songs they sing may just be results of their fellowship with God, products of healings, deliverances, challenges and all that God has brought them through. Anny wants you to know that she did not just appear, she evolved.


Are you willing to evolve, to take a stand for what you believe and grow through it? Be there for the purple carpet by 3pm and the main event at 5pm along with other believers, and you will have an explosive time in God’s presence. Sammie Okposo, Onos, Nikki Laoye, Mike Abdul, Enkay, Efe, Pita and a host of others will also be present with their contemporary styles, leading you into God’s presence.


Guess what?  #Journey2self by #Annysings is completely free.


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This article was first published on 28th July 2016


Omonefe Oisedebamen Eruotor loves to read, write, sing, cook and bake. She is passionate about the young ones who will become the leaders of tomorrow and writes pieces that can inspire change. To her, every single word counts in making the world a better place and creating a healthier tomorrow for the generations following. She is the author of A Mile in Her Shoes (on Amazon)

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