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Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo is a journalist, recipe developer, children food blogger, and the Founder of August Secrets Nigeria, a baby and toddler food solutions company. Toyin, who holds a B.A in English and Literature, and Masters in Public and International Affairs, gives a peek into her journey to entrepreneurship in this interview with Joy Ehonwa. CN: How would you describe your business? August Secrets Nigeria is a Nigerian online baby and toddler food solutions company. We make homemade cereals for babies 6 months to 5 years. We recently launched our recipe book. CN: What inspired you to start August Secrets? I had my son abroad and bought all sorts of premade baby food, but when the baby clocked 6 months, he rejected them all. I tried locally-made, fresh homemade food for him and he took them and grew healthier, so I started sharing my recipes and foods with other mothers. CN: How did you raise capital for the business? I used my personal savings. CN: What’s your unique selling point? Our recipes and method of operations are creative. CN: How would you rate the customer satisfaction level? Our customers love our openness and realness. We are a growing brand, so we try to admit our mistakes. CN: What’s the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur, for you? Sleepless nights. There is always something to do. A task to complete. CN: What role does the internet play in growing your business? A big role. We sell online. CN: What have been your greatest achievements in this line of business? Publishing our own recipe book. CN: What’s your long-term vision for August Secrets? We hope to have our own chain of manufacturing outfits that can produce foods to feed African children.
August Secrets: Baby and Toddler Food.
Email: Telephone: Lagos- 08062656798, Abuja- 08090448033, PH- 09098994292 Instagram: @augustsecrets_toyin Twitter: @AugustSecretsNG Facebook: Website: Click here to contact August Secrets directly

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This article was first published on 7th June 2017 and updated on December 30th, 2017 at 1:30 pm


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