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  A lot of things comes with being an introvert. Being an introvert sometimes make you feel uneasy because you keep to yourself often and have few social strengths. Sometimes, you wish you could be a little more extroverted. And your personality is very palpable – quiet, shy, and reserved. Nevertheless, there are several advantages of being an introvert. This article looks at the 9 benefits of being an introvert.

1. Active Listeners

Introverts are gifted listeners. Due to their reserved and introverted personality, introverts rarely do much of the talking but rather listen with rapt attention. The advantage of being a good listener is that they have the ability to filter banters from conversations and retain purposeful content. Also, being an active listener makes the introvert understand clearly what is being said than an average person. This could make them more clever and resourceful than their counterparts.
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2. Gifted with a good sense of recordkeeping

Due to their reserved personality, introverts rarely do things haphazardly or carelessly. Their detail-oriented lifestyle makes them successful accountants and bookkeepers. Although they might not be a professional accountant, their detail-oriented and organized personality makes them keep track of their activities, purchases and possessions.

3. Excel Above Average In Arts And Sciences

Studies show that introverts are gifted with a powerful intuition. Much of their activities are done inwards rather than outwards. Little wonder, they are blessed with great imagination. Therefore, introverts are best suited for professions like composers, painters, writers, inventors, scientists, medical doctors, architects, and programmers. They are observant, imaginative, meticulous, and have their thoughts in order, which makes them best suited for the above-mentioned professions. Elon Musk, Luciano Pavarotti, and Steve Jobs are great introverts.

4. Better At Being A Leader

At the core of good leadership is empathy. And introverts have this in abundance. They have the high emotional intelligence to understand the emotions of their followers and act accordingly. Their power to understand and accommodate people’s strengths and weaknesses make people comfortable around them. This attitude earns them loyal subordinates or followers. Moreover, since they dread the spotlight, introverted leaders will not make an organization all about themselves, rather it will represent the feelings of everyone.

5. Make Quality Friends

Introverts are slow to make friends. They are sceptical and rarely rush into friendships. They would rather take their time and study people before they accept them into their lives. Moreover, introverts enjoy their own company. As a result, they have a small circle of friends. Due to the fact they spend quality time studying who they allow into their lives, they rarely make the mistake of picking the wrong friends.

6. A Better Parent

Introverted parents make very good parenting. They can connect on a personal level with their children because they are good listeners, which also plays out in how much attention they are likely to give their children. Also, because of their peaceful and calm personality, they make the atmosphere of their homes peaceful, which is very good for raising children. With their strong sense of observation, they can easily spot changes in emotion in their children and respond accordingly.
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7. A Romantic Partner

An introverted partner enjoys privacy and offers the same. They can be creative with words because they are well-thought-out. Their partners can find them very romantic because of their creativity. Introverted people hate unnecessary drama in relationships, therefore, they are always diplomatic when the occasion for such arises.

8. A Problem-Solver

Introverted people are problem-solvers because their reserved personality gives them the ability to reflect and think things through. Their power of observation and insight comes in handy any time they are faced with personal problems or that of others. They spend a lot of time thinking about a problem and the possible solution. They don’t respond to issues spontaneously. Most scientists, inventors and chess players are introverts.

9. Focused And Purpose-Driven

Introverts, due to the fact that they are not cut out for drama, eliminate all distractions and focus on their goals. They embark on any mission with a strong sense of purpose and direction. Everything they do is premeditated. Their introversion gives them the ability to shut out external influences. With kind of ability, they create value around their lives.
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This article was first published on 16th August 2021


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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