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If you’re in Nigeria, then you probably would understand the struggle with the heat that is engulfing us at the moment. Fixing an over-priced human hair is certainly not the way to go right now, in fact, a lot of women have ditched their long weaves and taken to wigs because of the hot weather. However, the weather does not bring only bad news, as the good news is that this might just be the perfect time to stun in that super short hair you’ve been fretting to try. If you’re into short hairs like; pixie cuts or teenie weenie afros, then, the buzz cut is another cute hair you could pull off. Most women often shy away from cutting all their hair off not because they can’t but doubt if they would still look beautiful on it. A buzz cut is not only great because it is extremely easy to maintain, but it is also completely versatile. If you haven’t dared to rock the buzz cut because you’re worried that this look won’t suit you, well, you’re wrong. Buzz cut gives an effortlessly stylish look that can take your outfit from ‘not’ to ‘hot’ just like that. What’s better than not worrying about your hairdo but still look stunning? Even though buzz cut is particularly simple, there are still some do and don’ts to keep in mind when opting for this look. Hair dye isn’t just for long hair, all lengths can pull off a cool colour anytime. To make the buzz cut edgier you could take a cue from Zainab Balogun and add dye to yours. Try as much as you can to avoid wild colours so that you don’t look cheap.
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Make-up free faces are cute and all, but since a super short hair can utterly change the way you look, it’s not a bad idea to make your face light up by adding makeup. You don’t necessarily have to work overtime with make-up, you could embrace Munachi Abi’s look; touch up your brows, use a mascara, add a lipstick and slap some powder on and you’re good to go. The added bonus is knowing that you’re highlighting what’s already beautiful about your face.
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You might not be able to accessorize a lot with your hair anymore, but buzz cuts can give this bold vibe look especially when you add some amazing designs to it. Go ahead and twin with Nancy Isime’s pretty cut.
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Ok, so there’s no overly filtered pictures of girls with long flowy hair on floppy hats or fedora hats intimidating you. As a matter of fact, they would die of envy because a hat paired with your buzz cut would be totally cute. Don’t you just love Chidinma Ekile’s look?!
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Usually, the absence of long hair can mean the absence of femininity. The spunk that comes with buzz cut may tend to make you look like a tomboy – which isn’t bad – however, if you still want to look girly while rocking your buzz cut, then you should definitely opt for pretty girly dresses.
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To make an outstanding fashion statement with the buzz cut look, accessorize. Jewelry is an amazing piece that goes well with a short hairdo. Earrings, bangles and necklaces are cool pieces to add to accentuate your look.
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Also, remember that buzz cut needs to be cared for just like any other hair. Visiting the saloon from time to time, moisturizing, is part of the routine. Feature Image by

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This article was first published on 21st February 2018


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