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There are billions of people in the world who have no control over their lives. Many are controlled by past experiences, especially painful ones. It’s easier for ugly events to control our lives than sweet memories. The human mind is conditioned to play it safe; therefore, many of us make decisions based on past experiences. These events can be a recent job loss, failure to gain college admission, divorce, childbirth loss, loss of a loved one, etc. Although it sounds legitimate, allowing our lives to be controlled by the past is counterproductive.
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These events can be overwhelming and unfortunately control us in ways can’t expect. For example, a person who has filed for bankruptcy in the past might find himself avoiding any business venture, even if he is likely to succeed. Being controlled by an unknown and known force can make a person feel hopeless, fearful, and anxious. But the truth is that we can free ourselves from what controls us and take control of our lives. In this article, I give five powerful ways to take charge of your life and win.
  •  Let Go

The first step to taking charge of your life is letting go of those things that control you. Many things can control our lives and force us to be shaken by them. They include fear, anxiety, resentment, negative belief system, expectations, etc. For example, people often believe that they have no chance of achieving certain feats in life because of their race, color, or origin.
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However, this negative belief can be shattered by looking at inspiration outside of you. Also, read about how people facing similar challenges have overcome them.
  • Above All Things, Seek Happiness

Make happiness your highest goal. Sorrow, anger, resentment, and bitterness are prisons that imprison a man’s soul. When you choose personal happiness by doing the things you love and living on your terms, you find yourself taking charge of your life. Whatever you like to do, especially if it’s worth doing, go for it. Never please others at the expense of your happiness. Never sacrifice your happiness for anything. When your life experiences a lack of happiness, you will find yourself controlled by frustrations and all kinds.
  • Be Open To Opportunities

Another way to take charge of your life is to be open to opportunities. It’s about being optimistic. There are times when we have faced a series of disappointments, but failure is not final as long as we continue to hope. Many people fall into the trap of disappointment and stay in one place. Others even fail to try again because they failed in previous attempts.
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However, taking charge of your life means having the courage to start over after a setback. Never say no when opportunities present themselves. So I always look forward to giving it another shot!
  • Be Deliberate About Achieving Small Goals

Being deliberate about achieving small goals is a good way to start taking charge of your life. Achieving smaller goals builds you up to taking-on on larger goals. Smaller goals like visiting a friend on a specific day and time, keeping to the promise to prepare specific dishes for lunch or dinner, writing a few pages daily, or simply keeping to a routine. By doing this, little by little, you are taking charge of your life. Hence, learn to make a definite statement about achieving smaller goals if you want to be in control.
  • Live On Your Terms

To please people, we are controlled and obsessed with meeting society’s expectations. Society’s expectations are the reason many have lost control of their lives. They live for society. They fight to look good or compete with people who don’t even know they exist. There is no general manual on how to live your life. Every man has his manual. Write your life manual containing your values, passions, and interests. Know what you can tolerate and afford. Stay true to yourself and let your values guide you. Featured Image Source: Envato
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This article was first published on 7th July 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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