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Before I started watching ‘Chopped’ on Food Network Channel, I only used my microwave for defrosting and warming food. That programme thought me a whole lot about the microwave. It made me realize that I was underutilizing mine. So, I started researching easy micro-baking recipes and started experimenting till it became a thing. Now, If there’s light and I have a guest, I can make a mug cake in no time (if I’m in the mood oh! lol) and serve them with a drink. Yeah, Baby, that’s one of the many wonders of micro baking.

Today’s tip is on micro-baking, so, if it’s something you want to try your hand on, then, pull up a chair.

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1. Read the Instruction in the Owner’s Manual:

Most Nigerians don’t like reading. This is why they lose a lot of valuable information. Now, every new microwave comes with a manual; its job is to help the new owner to make the most of their newly acquired machine. In the case of the microwave, it will teach them the operating procedures as well as how to cook healthily and safely in it. So, read your microwave’s manual and learn from it.

2. Get to Know your Microwave:

My microwave and yours may do the same work and still be different in a number of ways. For starters, get to know your microwave’s wattage and capacity. If its wattage is high, then, it will cook food faster than those with a lower wattage. So, take your time; play around with the timing and temperature of your machine. One rule that’ll prove useful as you familiarize yourself with this equipment is opting for less cooking time than a recipe calls for. If you check your food and if it’s not baked through, you can put it right back in the microwave to continue baking.

Knowing the capacity of your microwave and the diameter of its turntable is equally important. What you cook in it depends on this. So, find things out for yourself before you spoil your microwave by squeezing something that’s too big into it.

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3. Cover your Dish with a Cling Film or a Kitchen Paper:

If you don’t want an ingredient or batter to splatter all over the microwave then, cover up your dish with a cling film or a kitchen paper. This is especially important for dishes containing high liquid ingredients. A simple way to prevent microwave accidents would be to cover up the dish with a cling film or kitchen paper. However, in covering up your dish, the size should be taken into consideration. For instance, a kitchen paper can comfortably cover a small mug but it’ll most likely not cover a dish with a bigger diameter. That would require a cling film. But you may want to pierce a few holes on the cling film to let out steam. Other than this, the plastic will catch any other potential explosion as your dish bakes.

4. Buy Proper Kit:

Standard baking trays, cake tins, aluminum foil, loaf tins and metals are not for use in the microwave. Also, bowls and dishes that have metallic trims on them should not be used in the microwave as well. Know this and avoid sparks and explosions. Invest in microwave-safe bakewares. But if you don’t have the funds to buy some immediately, please use only microwave-safe bowls and mugs. You can check the bottom of your container to find out if it’s microwave-safe or not. Letmealsoaddthatifyou’reunsureofadish’smicrowavesafety, it’s best not to use it. That said, I started my micro-baking journey with microwave-proof mugs and they worked out well.

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5. Clean the Microwave:

This should be done after every use to prevent food splatters from sticking on the surface. It also keeps it free of germs and unwanted bacteria that can pollute food and liquids placed inside the microwave. One easy way to clean this device is to microwave half a lemon in a microwave-safe bowl of water for thirty seconds. When it beeps, use the remaining half of the lemon to scrub away any spills or dried food stains inside the microwave. Afterwards, dry all the surfaces and your microwave would be clean and ready to use.

In conclusion, I hope these tips will help you have a successful micro baking experience.



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This article was first published on 14th June 2022


Udevi, Obiamaka Angela holds a Master of Arts degree in History & International Studies. She's a freelance writer with a passion for food and healthy living. She can be contacted through her email address,

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