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Lemon is a citrus fruit that is valued for its health and cooking benefits. But its usefulness does not end there. This naturally acidic fruit also has some pretty impressive multi-purpose cleaning uses that will surprise and impress you. Below are six of them:
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1. Cleaning the Kitchen Sink:

Your kitchen sink is filthy. Yes, you heard me right. The dirty plates, raw meat and dirty kitchen utensils like the cutting board and can opener are washed in it. Yet, it’s hardly given a thorough clean and this makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria can easily spread to our hands and food and cause us harm. But the situation can be remedied by sanitizing the kitchen sink with lemon. To disinfect the sink, just blend lemon juice and baking soda and pour it on the sink. Rub the mixture on the surface and rinse with hot water after a few seconds. Moreover, scrubbing the kitchen sink with lemon halves can take away hard water stains and get things gleaming again.

2. Freshen the Fridge:

If you don’t like the smell of your fridge, you can change it for the better by soaking some cotton balls in lemon juice and placing it in the fridge for some hours. This simple tip will make your freezer smell fresh and clean.
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3. Cleaning the Cutting Board:

The cutting board is one of the frequently used kitchen equipment. It’s also one of the most contaminated. Wooden cutting boards in particular have very porous surfaces that harbour food stains and serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. Thus, it needs to be disinfected properly before and after use. If you don’t know what to use to disinfect it, go for lemon. Its acidic properties can get rid of stubborn stains easily. You can either scrub the cutting board with coarse salt before scrubbing it well with lemon halves or you simply squeeze some lemon juice on it, rub it in a bit and allow it to sit for about twenty minutes before rinsing it off with clean water.

4. Odour Removal:

Certain foods like garlic, fufu, and fish can transfer their pungent smell to you during handling. This shouldn’t be a problem especially if the smell can be easily washed off with soap and water. But if the smell can’t be gotten rid of after several washes, it becomes annoying. That annoyance is a waste of energy as it doesn’t solve the problem. Next time, neutralize that odour with some lemon. Squeeze some of the juice into a bowl of water and wash your hand with it.
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5. Microwave Cleaning:

Cleaning the microwave with lemon is stress-free. Just pour some water into a microwave-safe bowl and squeeze some lemon juice into the bowl of water. Add the skin of the lemon into the bowl then place it in the microwave and heat for about three minutes, that’s long enough for the water to come to a boil. Leave the microwave alone for another three minutes. Do not open the microwave door. This is to allow the lemon-infused steam to loosen the food stains in the microwave and leave a fresh fragrance in it. Once the allotted time is up, open the microwave and take out the bowl then wipe the surface to make it sparkle again.

6. Shining the Copper and Silverware Shiner:

Your copper and silver wares can certainly benefit from the lemon magic. Rub lemon juice on them and leave overnight. In the morning, wash them off with some coal ash and watch your old utensils shine like new. Don’t forget to come back and give us your testimony. I hope this article helps you to utilize this versatile kitchen ingredient better. Sources NDTV Food Featured Image Source: NDTV Food
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This article was first published on 1st May 2022


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