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  You don’t like working 9-5? Below is a list of occupations you can take a look at. Fashion Designer
This is one of the biggest departments in Nigeria. Even those who can’t design professionally, design. It is a very creative business and can be lucrative if done right. A few people have crossed the boundary by taking their fashion international like Jewel by Lisa, Tiffany Amber, Lanre Da-Silva and the likes.  The best way to start this occupation is by going to sewing school and then upping the ante by attending a fashion course or school. This will give you an edge where other designers are concerned. Blogger
All you have to do is ask Linda Ikeji and she may tell you that she is handling a very lucrative business. Blogging is a simple but hard way to make it. The truth is in this country what you are blogging about has to be something worth the time of the reader and a lot of blogs have not gotten there yet. The few that have can explain how successful the blogging business is, especially since you don’t even have to leave your house to blog. All you need for this job is a good source (or sources), computer. Research analyst (or you can be your own) and internet. With that you can visit the likes of and to start your blog. Photographer
There is one thing Nigerians love and its visuals. You could be telling a story but do you have the picture to back it up? In this country, there are a lot of people that can take pictures but not a lot of photographers. The world of photography comes with an eye for shots. If you can’t see the shot with your natural camera (which is the eye and brain working together), your physical camera will probably not capture the moment you need. Being a photographer is about catching a moment that may never happen again on film. A good way to start this is by buying a camera, practice some shot capturing and going professional by applying in a studio as an apprentice or going to photography school. Chef
This is a line of business that is hard to enter if cooking isn’t one of your skills. Ask Chef Fregz, who took his culinary arts a step further by going to one of the most prestigious cooking schools in the world, Le Cordon Bleu. This art (yes it is an art) is not for the small minded but the creative minded with taste. You have to be able to make already created recipes to perfection and create your own recipe which must taste good. The art of creating delicacies in not just about cooking but feeling as well. Food feels a certain way to you and when tasted, it gives you a certain emotion. Without understanding every taste, feel, smell of all kinds of ingredients you can possibly find, do not indulge in the life of a chef. Event planner
This business is one of the most successful in Nigeria as of now. Things happen every day and someone needs to make sure the ceremony covering the happenings is magnificent. Event planners take the stress of planning anything yourself on their shoulders. They give events the finesse you require and the class it deserves. The food is taken care of, the music, the chairs you sit on, the decoration and so much more. Although there are courses to improve your event planning mind, some people come with the natural talent to make your event look like paradise. This job is not a 9-5 but can run longer than that but if you have the passion and drive, nothing can stop your creative mind.   These are but a few non desk jobs that can help your way into becoming your very own boss rather than jumping from one interview to another. There are more jobs like these that will be featured in the next post.

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This article was first published on 14th May 2012 and updated on May 15th, 2012 at 12:53 pm


Dami is the editor and business developer for she is an On-Air Personality and also an Artist with a focus in sculpting and pottery.

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  • Self employed individuals should be encourage because running A ONE MAN SHOW…..NO BE JOKE OOOO.

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