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It is high time we started paying more attention to what goes into our system than what is applied on it. Much more than the outward protection, what we eat has a massive effect on the improvement of the skin and this should be given utmost concern. Our skin is majorly nourished by this parameter and if you find yourself lacking in this area, then this is for you to digest.

It is a general knowledge that fruits have a way of working wonders in the body. Not only are they available, they cost less and you don’t have to worry about their side effects, you know why? They’re 100% natural. Well, If you’re still wondering how this works, then here are five fruits that illustrate this point.


With a generous amount of iron, magnesium and potassium, this is one fruit whose importance to the skin cannot be sidelined. Not only are they available and affordable, but they also contain vitamins A, B, and E which also works as an anti-ageing agent. How good is this? Here’s a fruit that is sweet and yummy and nourishes your body.


Apples have a way of refreshing the skin and making it look radiant. This crunchy and sweet fruit also contains collagen which slows the skin ageing process.


Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and come in different kinds with tastes that awaken your taste buds. According to a health post by Times of India, the anti-oxidants and vitamins contained in this fruit help in regenerating the skin and restoring its elasticity.


The many benefits attached to this fruit has made it common even in cosmetic products. Lemon juice contains vitamin c and its astringent properties can be used to lighten skin tones and erase scars. Edison Institute of Nutrition advises that drinking a lemon juice with warm water every morning before having breakfast can help in maintaining the PH balance of your body while cleansing your digestive system. It also helps in giving the skin a radiant glow and supple touch and this is just one of its many benefits.


I’m sure you must have seen many beauty tricks achieved using slices of cucumber on the face. Well, it also works wonders in the system. So, before you think of cucumber as a fruit only to be used on the outside, think about the magic it could do your skin when you eat them, by rehydrating and keeping it fresh.

One thing you must know about fruits is that they are trustworthy and the human skin responds to them. So, do your skin a favour by eating more fruits and watch the transformation that takes place after.

Featured image source: BBC Good food

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This article was first published on 26th February 2019


Achem Deborah Ojochenemi, is 22 years old. She is in her final year at the University of Ilorin, studying Eng and literary studies. She has undergone training in various fields such as neuroscience, photography, communication and writing, where she has learnt to curate good content topics. She is presently an intern in Phursuns Photography Academy.

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