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  GetFit Technologies Limited is a beauty and fitness company in Nigeria owned by Adekemi Oladipo. Adekemi is from a family of seven. She grew up in Lagos and studied computer science.
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GetFit brand is one of a kind in Nigeria. They consistently introduce relevant fitness products to the market. They are way ahead of their competitors with their consistent production of new products and innovation. One of the major things the brand is known for is their production of quality, affordable and durable waist trainers. These waist trainers are worn by many females in Nigeria. Though, waist trainers are not the only thing they produce, this article will focus on their waist trainers.  Here are some things you need to know about the made in Nigeria fashion brand. 

Advantages of GetFit waist trainers

  1. It has premium quality.
  2. It efficiently reduces body fat.
  3. It makes you snatched and reduces your belly under fitted clothes.
  4. It works with or without exercise.
  5. It improves body posture
  6. It boost self confidence
  7. It curbs excessive appetite

Location (Online and Offline)

GetFit has physical stores in three locations in Nigeria. One in Abuja and two in Lagos. 
  1. 8A, Port-Novo street, off Lingu Crescent, Aminu Kano, Wuse 2, Abuja.
  2. Jubilee Mall, Lekki Phase 1, Admiralty way, Lagos.
  3. 93 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 

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You can go to any of their physical stores to purchase their products. However, if you live far and you want to buy the brand’s product, you can order from their website:, their official instagram page: getfitng or the whatsapp numbers on their official Instagram page. Sizing The sizes of GetFit waist trainers are: extra small, small, medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL and 4XL. Some of the brand waist trainers are: 
  • 3 Strap Ruby

It is ideal if you want to reduce the fat in your upper, lower, side and waist. It is an effective waist trainer that can be worn outside and under your dress. If you are wearing it under you dress, you can remove the straps for comfort.
  • Getfit BBL

It is a bigger hips shapper with removable padding. It is for those who want a snatched waist and bigger hips. You don’t have to undergo surgery with Getfit BBL. Some of the functions of this waist trainer are: 
  1.  It eliminates the appearance of hip dips.
  2. It gives bigger and curvier hips.
  3.  It has removable hip pads.
  4. It is a high waist tummy control shapper.
  5. It is invisible under fitted clothes.
  6.  It shapes the thighs.
  •  Luxury Drip Sweat

It is a detachable three in one waist trainer. Its functions are: 
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  1. It reduces belly fat through two types of thermogenesis (maximum sweat effect). They are: Exercise- associated thermogenesis (EAT) and Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).
  2.  It contains three detachable belts that provide firm compression and reduce your waist and panniculus effectively. Panniculus is lower belly fat.
  3. It is fully detachable and can be worn under fitted dress comfortably.
  4. It increases sauna/sweat effect during physical activities. Watch your belly sweat drip.
  5. It increases belly vacuum effect to suck up your belly and provide back support.
  6. It has 3 straps to attack the lower belly fat above the pubic bone region, fupa and waist.
  7. It is ideal for falling and dropping belly fat.
  8. It have intern thermogenic material for burning belly fat with or without exercise.
  • Getfit Firm Compression Body Sculptor and Butt Lifter

As the name implies, it is to give ladies a sculptured curvy body when they wear it. Its functions are: 
  1. It is invisible under fitted dresses and gives firm belly compression.
  2. Removable bra strap.
  3. There is an open gusset for use of convenience when nature calls. You don’t have to remove it completely.
  4. Butt lifter
  5. Tucks your tummy in and smoothes waist rolls/fat
  6. Back support


GetFit is always coming up with different products that are very relevant. They capitalize on this and have been able to build a sucessful fashion brand in Nigeria. 


Instagram: Getfitng Featured Image source: Konga
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This article was first published on 4th July 2022


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