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Make-up is a skill that can be taught and learnt. It is a very lucrative skill in Nigeria. A good number of females in Nigeria wear make-up often. Learning make-up is not a skill limited to females, there are male make-up artists in Nigeria.

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Make-up can be learnt online and offline. In Nigeria, learning make-up offline costs about eighty to two hundred thousand naira. Offline learning is divided into paid and free classes. YouTube offers free classes.

To learn make-up on YouTube, you need your smartphone and data subscription. There are many accounts that accommodate your learning level: beginner, intermediary and advanced.

The steps below will help you to learn make-up effectively on YouTube.

1. Search for good make-up trainers

Teaching is a skill. Not everyone can teach. Lookout for Youtube channels that teach very well. If you don’t understand, you cannot learn.

There are tons of make-up channels on YouTube. It is necessary to find the one that works for you.

2. Find a trainer with your skin tone

When learning make-up online, it is better fo find a channel you connect with. There are hundreds of make-up channels on YouTube. The owners of these channels have different skin tones and types. It is advisable to find someone with your skin tone. It will make learning easier for you.

3. Buy relevant make-up products

You cannot learn make-up without having make-up products. The products are the tools you will use to learn. It is not possible to learn without the products. The products you buy depend on the kind of channel you follow. That is why it is advisable to follow someone with your skin tone.

4. Practice often

If you don’t try it out, you don’t know it. It is not enough to watch make-up videos, you have to practice. You can also judge your level of expertise when you practice.

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If you think you are a make-up artist by just watching make-up tutorials, you are wrong. Constant practice makes you perfect.

5. Be open to learn new things

Make-up tutorials on YouTube expose you to a lot of techniques. You have to try out different methods to know which one works for you. Learn different method of application, how to buy products, etc. The more you learn, the more you know.

6. Save videos to rewatch

One unique feature about YouTube is that you can download videos at no cost and watch it later. If you are too busy to practice, you can do it later. Always save make-up videos you find useful. Watch it over and over again.

7. Ask questions

You can engage the trainer in the comment section. Many of them respond swiftly. You can ask questions relating to the tutorial you watch. The answer to these questions will help you understand better.

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Make-up YouTube channels You Should Follow
  • Dimma Umeh
  • Jackie Aina
  • Layefa Ebitonmo
  • Lola OJ
  • Lydia Stanley
  • Toni Olaoye
  • Kiitana
  • Jennifer Olaleye
  • Faari By Sisi Ope


Learning make-up on YouTube requires your time. Your learning pace is solely determined by you. You learn at your leisure time. You can also create your niche after considering the numerous techniques you learn.



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This article was first published on 18th July 2022


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