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Every serious manager wants their great workplace to be a space of productivity and creativity. But designing the smashing workspace that strategists recommend is no easy feat. The start of a new quarter is a great time to solve all those office design problems that dampen workers’ creativity. It is also a great time to re-strategize and boost productivity. After a lot of intensive research, we have compiled a list of the five most impressive office designs that can boost creativity and productivity. They are:

1. Concealing cables and wires.

One of the worst office design errors is having cables lying around the floor or visibly crawling up office walls. Not only do they cause hazards (many employers have tripped and fallen to their deaths), they clutter the office space and create anxiety.

Laptop and other electronic devices can have their chargers safely concealed underneath office desks. Electrical wiring can be concealed within the walls. This will guarantee that your office space looks more organized. Workers will be happier to inhabit such a great office space.

2. Versatile and multipurpose office spaces.

Office design trends are rapidly changing and taking on innovative spins. Not only are diving walls and cubicles disappearing, better-designed office desks are replacing standard ones. Multipurpose workspaces are great because they can quickly be transformed from conference meeting areas to multimedia presentation rooms or even office party halls. Rectangular office desks are now being phased out in favor of oval-shaped tables that can seat seven or more during meetings.

Height adjustable workstations, designed for comfort and ease, are also being purchased for standing meetings. These design trends certainly guarantee increased productivity in the workplace.

3. Assigned relaxation spaces.

Offices with designated lounge spaces are likely to be more productive than workplaces that insist on inflexible workstations.

The invention of wireless technology revolutionized work environments. People can work in a more comfortable and relaxed manner. Workers are stimulated to be more creative and productive. Teamwork often thrives in such environments.

4. Colour-themed offices.

A color-themed office is certain to produce a welcoming and comfortable work environment. Research studies have shown that color has the capacity to improve the mood, as well as boost happiness, creativity, and productivity. A careful selection of colors can help a worker organize his thoughts in a more creative way.

The best designs include a wide spectrum of colors in their choice of stationary, furniture and electronic devices. These designs are often unique and brave, with a great selection of hues and textures that create an attractive and original work environment.

5. Nature inclusion.

The word’s best office designs now feature a lot of outdoor inspired designs. From beautifully designed flower pots in strategic corners to wood panel installations, nature is making a great impact in office designs.

This design trend tends to bring the home into the office. Work environments have a natural, relaxing feel that encourages creativity as it reduces stress and anxiety. Nature inclusion has proved to be a famous and reoccurring aspect of trending office designs.

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This article was first published on 14th April 2017


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