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Websites We Love: Ajebo Market


Nigeria’s $12 billion e-commerce market continues to grow. By 2025, it’s expected to have more than doubled in value. This offers opportunities for both existing and new players who are seeking a piece of an increasingly lucrative space.

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While a handful of companies dominate this niche, several other firms are getting in on the act too. One of them, Ajebo Market, is having some success in this respect.

The Ajebo Market e-commerce store sells men’s fashion products; it caters to a specific segment of the population. Offerings range from men’s shirts and trousers to shoes, sandals, bags, and watches. That’s basically all the basic clothing and accessories that a man would want.

Not many online fashion stores have made the male audience their principal market. You’re far more likely to find fashion e-commerce websites displaying women’s wares. But Agiri Ibrahim, who founded Ajebo Market in 2013, believes that his company is meeting important needs.

Ibrahim’s entrepreneurial journey goes farther into the past than his setting up Ajebo Market. While he was a university student, he retailed clothes just to get by. But after he completed his NYSC program, he decided to become a full-time fashion merchant with a web presence.

He began selling on social media platforms, and later launched the Ajebo e-commerce website, where a lot of the transactions now happen.

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On the Ajebo Market online store, you will find products on sale listed and tagged with their prices. If you’re looking for specific items, you can select a general category from the menu (clothing, shoes, watches, accessories, or sports items), and hunt for the particular item you want or you could use the search bar to immediately find something that you’re sure the platform offers.

Orders can be placed via the website or using the store’s Whatsapp contact number (displayed on the site). There’s nationwide delivery, plus a seven-day money-back guarantee for prepaid deliveries if customers aren’t satisfied with what they’ve received.

People who want to inquire about the online store or the products it sells can do so via the email, Whatsapp, and voice call lines listed on the website.

Ajebo Market has grown from taking just one order in three days to processing several hundred orders a week. Its founder, Agiri Ibrahim, says he has plans for even more growth. He intends to strengthen the store’s position in Nigeria, and eventually expand its reach to the rest of Africa.

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