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  The lockdown and every other thing that followed it has created a reality that will stay with us for ages. Most people lost their jobs and this pushed them into looking for other ways of making ends meet.
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This coupled with the realities of the jet age has created a lacuna that only the busy minds can fill. In this short business inspirational article, we are going to talk about 20 small skill-based business ideas you could start with little or no capital. Most of them are work-from-home business models. Unemployment or underemployment, including poverty, is a deliberate choice. There are lots of business models you can start now and make ends meet. Most of these businesses are problem-solving-based business models. You control your time and pay. You are your boss, read down to know some of these businesses.

1: Coaching And Consulting

Coaching and consulting businesses are business models you can start and run from home. It is about monetizing your knowledge bank on any topic, such as business, relationship, leadership, career, parenting, book writing and launching, digital skills, public speaking, purpose discovery, and others. If you have a vast knowledge of a thing, you can monetize and create a business out of it.

2: Copywriting/Content Creation

These are other work-from-home business models. They look alike but are not the same. They are about writing sales copies, blog posts, social media posts, ads, social platforms and profile management. Copywriting is directly associated with digital/affiliating marketing. It is about creating copies to make sales. If you know your grammar well, this is for you.

3: Graphic Design

With your smartphone and laptop, you can learn how to create flyers, posters, billboards, logos, etc., both online and offline. You could sign up on some freelance platforms like; Upwork, Fiverr, Guru,, etc., and earn in dollars from your room.

4: Website Building And App Development

If you are technically inclined and have an understanding of coding language, you can start your business from here.

5: Dropshipping

Dropshipping is about selling a manufacturer’s goods as a retailer without keeping the goods in your possession. It’s a direct sell kind of business.

6: House Cleaning Service

If you are neat and love a neat environment and can keep one neat and in perfect shape, this is your business, start now.

7: Baking

Do you love cakes and snacks? Can you do one? Why don’t you create a business from your hobby?

8: Digital/Affiliate Marketing

This is about selling other people’s digital products and getting a commission from the sales. You can sign up on platforms like Clickbank, Learnoflix, Expertnaire etc.
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9: Interior Decoration

Do you have a taste for beautiful homes and offices? Can you design and decorate one? This is a business for you.

10: Online Teaching

You can start teaching online using Zoom, Facebook TV, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., to teach those subjects you know. Make pre-recorded videos and get people in.

11: Transcription And Translation Service

This is also a freelance business. Do you have good listening skills, can you write fast, you know multiple languages? Start a business here.

12: Podcast And Youtubing

You can start an online radio and TV station and talk about things that interest you and get paid.

13: Home Care Service

This is about taking care of old people and children. The demand in this business is ever-rising.

14: Rideshare Driving

If you are a good driver and know your city well, you can become a professional driver under a registered company like; Bolt, Ulber, Lyfe, etc.,

15: Real Estate

Help people live in their dream homes.

16: Blogging

Write news, talk about anything, and gossip creative and professionally.

17: T-Shirt Printing

Learn how to print on shirts and create a lucrative business out of it.

18: Makeup And Make-Over

Do you love makeup? Can you beautify faces? Do you love to beautify glowing faces? There is a huge business here.

19: Digital Course Creation

Create a digital course around your area of expertise.

20: Food Vendor

If you love cooking and know how to cook well. This is for you. Featured Image Source: Entrepreneur
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This article was first published on 17th January 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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