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Looking at the world through the eyes of children makes it so much more fascinating and awe-inspiring – just one of the many reasons why they’re a joy to have around.

Here are 15 facts about animals that your children, and the child in you, will enjoy.

Photo: Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova via Shutterstock

1. Cats have three eyelids: an upper and lower lid just like us, plus a third lid that looks like clear plastic. It helps block out dust and keep their eyes from getting dry.

Photo: Nailia Schwarz via Shutterstock

2. Snails have hundreds of thousands of teeth that they drag along the ground as they search for food.

Photo: Volodymyr Burdiak via Shutterstock

3. Giraffes can go for days without drinking water.

Photo: Kris Wiktor via shutterstock

4. Sea otters live their whole life in freezing cold water. But they don’t mind: They have two layers of fur to keep them warm.

A cougar. Photo: Michelle Lalancette via Shutterstock

5. All cats are not equal: Lions and tigers can’t purr, but cougars can.

Photo: Dominique de La Croix via shutterstock

6. Ostrich eggs are the biggest eggs in the world.

Photo: Triocean via Shutterstock

7. Grasshoppers’ blood is green.

Photo: Pina Suthaphan via shutterstock

8. A hippopotamus lives both under water and on land. Baby hippos are born under water.

Photo: David Steele via Shutterstock

9. Baby camels don’t have humps until later when they start eating food.

Photo: Mircea C via Shutterstock

10. Skunks use a stinky spray to scare off enemies.

Photo: GUDKOV ANDREY via Shutterstock

11. A chameleon’s tongue can be longer than its body.

Photo: xamnesiacx via Shutterstock

12. Cats cover up their poop with dirt or kitty litter by instinct. No one has to ask them to do it.

Photo: Yuri Schmidt via Shutterstock

13. Snakes smell with their tongue.

Photo: De Repente via Shutterstock

14. Dogs sweat through their feet.

Photo: Catmando via Shutterstock

15. Whales are mammals, so baby whales drink milk from their mother’s nipples, just like baby humans. The difference is that they do it under water.

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This article was first published on 17th June 2017


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