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SPEAK EASY is a week-long course tailored for 8-15 years old’s to help them,  through a series of researched, tested techniques and methods, improve academic performance, overcome fear, voice their opinions to mention a few…all benefits of learning to speak easily in public!!

Please do read the slides attached to give you a better understanding of what we wish to achieve with SPEAK EASY

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Please take a few minutes to fill the form at this link so we can secure your slot and revert as soon as possible.

Once payment is confirmed, we will send a more detailed outline and requirements for the course

Promo Video

Click here to watch the promo video again | Classes commence 16th August 2021 | Limited slots available

About The Facilatator


Oscar has been at the heart of creating and crafting powerful award-winning stories for the ever-changing world of Advertising, Media and Entertainment in various administrative and creative capacities over the last 15 years.

Oscar’s journey has taken him through the worlds of Radio and Television, Advertising, Production and Entertainment in the capacity of presenter and producer, in front and behind the microphone and camera.

Oscar founded The MC Company Ltd (TMCC) in 2016, an online platform that is poised to produce the next generation of MC’s in Nigeria and beyond through training, mentorship, evaluation, and constant grooming that is befitting of a professional Master of Ceremony.

Oscar is passionate about media and the use of media to effect positive change and his life’s journey so far has been towards achieving this one goal and learning how to do so creatively with a touch of innovation.

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Oscar holds an MSc in Media Enterprise from the Pan Atlantic University amongst other industry-recognized certifications 

More about Oscar at

Speakeasy is brought to you by The MC Company. Please in your free time, do check out the work we do at .

We at TMCC forward to hearing from you

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This article was first published on 12th August 2021

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