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  pen   The act of writing has been a form of communication since the existence of man. A different form of writing was used in the medieval days, not the use of letters but signs and symbols called hieroglyphs. It was predominantly used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians before the creation of modern ways of writing (English, French, Latin etc). Writing is a beautiful form of communication that can also be used for creative arts. For one to be really good at it, diligence and constant practice must be applied like all other forms of art. In the field of writing there are basic rules to follow to improve your writing. Below are 10 rules for good writing. Read constantly: It’s never a make believe that good readers make good writers, but a fact. One of the ways to increase your writing skill is by reading. Constant reading is food to your brain, it helps you learn new patterns and styles of writing and it strengthens your vocabulary. Pay attention to everything: In life the little things also matter, the same can be said about  any form good of writing. Attention to details matter a lot because every form of inscription counts (large or small). Be cautious of things like grammar, font space/size, punctuations, spellings, sentences, titles, topics, margins etc. One mistake in any of the listed can paint your writing black. Know your crowd (Target Audience): Knowing your target audience is vital to great writing. Good writing is not general; it’s for a specific crowd with same goals and interests. Knowing your crowd helps you stream line your writing to their needs. Keep it simple: Good writing entails precision. When it comes to words, size matters. Why run to the ocean to get water when a stream is at your threshold. Stay away from the complicated words, use words that are simple straight forward and will still convey the same message. Express yourself: In good writing, less is more. Express yourself don’t impress, good writing is not rated by the big vocabulary, nouns, adjectives or the number of words used. It’s rated by the number of people it has elevated, inspired and helped physically or mentally. Impressing your audience with fanciful words without proper communication i.e. to touching their lives, amounts to nothing. Be clear and detailed: Be clear and detailed; your writing must be compelling and insightful. Stay away from unnecessary claims and quotes; don’t over hype your language. Write to communicate clearly, be simple and sleek. Lastly, avoid the use of jargon if possible. Remember good writing should inspire. Read your work out loud: Reading your work out loud allows you to discover some things that your eyes are blinded to when you read in silence. Listen objectively as you read your work out loud, try to observe the  flow and if it’s properly arranged or just words fussed together. Develop a style that comes naturally: In life we all have our safe haven where life is at its best and everything comes natural to us. Create a style of writing that comes smoothly and natural to you, it could be abstract, poetic or normal. Never choose a style you are not comfortable with. Revise and rewrite: One thing that is certain in life is change, always create room for improvement by re-writing and revising your work. Revising and rewriting your work makes your writing better, because it comes from an afterthought or from a state of rest. These two acts make your writing better. Write always:  Like the first rule says read constantly, that act is to know what to write. Writing constantly is to perfect your craft (implementing what you’ve read). Always write according to your mood, situations or the facet of your life.             .

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This article was first published on 9th May 2014

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