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Nigeria is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world. It pains me to hear of Nigerians running to other countries to see what we have in Nigeria. Most of our natural resources are so underdeveloped you can virtually enjoy them for free or next to nothing. Here are some must-see wonders we have in Nigeria:
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1. Ado-Awaye

This is one of the two suspended lakes in the world and the only one in Africa. It is such a rare sight, every tourist should have it on their bucket list. You can find it in Oyo State.
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2. Sungbo Eredo

Reputed to be the largest single pre-colonial monument in Africa, this rampart comes with moats and guardhouses. The people in that community constructed it within 800–1000 AD. You can find it in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

3. Yusufari Oasis

If you want to experience sand dunes in Nigeria, then look no further. From Tulo Toluwa village in Yobe state, there is a stretch of desert plains leading to this oasis which is tucked away in the middle of five sand dunes.  

4. Ikogosi Warm Springs

Having a spring where 2 separate springs with hot and cold water flow into each other and become one warm spring isn’t very common in the world. And we have it here in Ekiti State, Nigeria.
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5. Ikom Monoliths

These 300 rock pieces are adorned with faces and ornaments on them. They are in about 30 circular patterns. It dates as far back as the 16th-20th century AD and is found in Akwa Ibom State.

6. Oguta Lake

It is the second-largest lake in Nigeria. It has both brown and clear blue water flow side by side without mixing. There is no boundary separating these waters from mixing. You can find this sight in Imo State.
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7. Obudu Mountain

The wonders for every tourist won’t be complete without the mention of Obudu Mountain. Here you can literally touch the sky as clouds hover close to the mountaintop. It’s an experience to behold and you can do this in Cross River State.
The paradise News

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8. Kajuru Castle

If you are looking for a medieval-styled building in Nigeria, then this is the right place. Complete with its dungeons, turrets, and armoury, this treasure trove was built on a rock in Kaduna State.

9. Ogba Ukwu Cave

It is said to be the largest cave in West Africa. It is large enough to accommodate an entire village, and it takes at least two hours to explore. It also comes with a waterfall and a dome. You can find it in Owerre Ezukala community, Anambra State.  

10. Agbokim Waterfall

This is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Nigeria, even though they are all unique. In the rainy season, this waterfall creates a rainbow close to the ground. It is surrounded by lush greenery that makes it picturesque any time of the year. It can be found in Etung, Cross River state Have you ever been to any of these sites? Share your story with us. Your story might just convince someone to visit there too.   Source Wonder mondo Wakawaka Doctor Google Arts & Culture Connect Nigeria Articles Featured Image Source: Vanguard News
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This article was first published on 22nd May 2022 and updated on May 28th, 2022 at 3:54 pm


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