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Welcome. We’re pleased that you’re interested in writing for Connect Nigeria.


At Connect Nigeria our aim is to make the lives of Nigerians easier and richer. One of the many ways we do this is by making relevant information easily accessible to them at all times. A huge part of making this happen is achieved through our articles. We hope you would be interested in joining this journey at furnishing Nigerians with accurate and well-articulated information by writing for us, putting into consideration that we do everything within our capacity to support our writers in their own personal endeavors.


With Connect Nigeria articles, we try to narrow down the broad view of a topic to be specific to Nigerians.  For instance, if we’re going to write about dining etiquette we want to mention how to use cutlery (or not) to eat Eba, Amala, etc. We take this approach because as a result of what we do and what we represent, our site users are mostly Nigerians and people interested in Nigeria. Our aim is to make Connect Nigeria your one stop to finding every ‘Nigerian’ information you need. So even when writing a universal topic, it is pertinent to creatively inculcate Nigerian examples and colloquialisms.

In summary, articles we publish, must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions,

Is it relevant?

Is it articulate?

Is it accurate?

Is it entertaining?

Does it add value?

Is it ‘Nigerianized‘?

If an article is able to achieve all of these within our word count then it’s acceptable.

Please note that our word count is 500-700 words.

Please note that promotional content and articles with embedded links will attract a fee.


At the moment we’re not able to pay writers, but we are open to innovative ideas on how to aid and help our writers, so if you have any, feel free to inform us. Furthermore, our site currently reaches over 9,000 views daily, we hope that this will be beneficial to you.

If you’re interested in budding this relationship, please send your articles to editor[at] accompanied with a cover letter introducing yourself.

Please note that cover letters unaccompanied with an article will not be replied and vice versa.

Thank you.


Editor, Connect Nigeria.

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