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Imo State, the eastern heartland, is known as a peaceful state full of history, culture and customs. Its airport makes it is easy for tourists to fly in and out on weekends to appreciate the sights and sounds of the state.

Here are a few noteworthy places to visit in Imo:

Oguta Lake


This is the most popular tourist attraction in the state and it is in Oguta LGA. This lake has non-salty, aquamarine waters surrounded by lush green vegetation devoid of dangerous wildlife within its vicinity. Oguta Lake hits a confluence with the murky brown waters of Urashi River but the two do not mix.

The spot is great for a selfie, swimming, fishing, having picnics at its shores and boat rides with either a banana boat or a speedboat. Oguta Lake is the largest lake in the Imo State and the second largest in Nigeria. There is a well-equipped holiday resort nearby for those who want a sleepover. 

Nekede Zoo

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The Nekede Zoo is also known as the Owerri Zoo. It also has a small wildlife museum within its complex. At New Owerri, Owerri West LGA (close to the capital city), this zoo houses lions, crocodiles, pythons, ostriches, and galagos amongst others. On 10 hectares of rainforest, Nekede Zoo has over 1,000 bird species nested in its trees. It is a great place for academic research, bird watching, recreation, entertainment and an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  

The Springs

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Imo State is blessed with natural springs in different local government areas. The sparking water of the Ngwu Natural Spring is also called Iyi Umugara in Nkwerre LGA. Another remarkable spring is the Iyi Ogidi in Orlu LGA which bubbles up from five different sources. Then there is the Iyi Okwu also in Orlu LGA which gushes out of a rock as though from a pipe. They are all clean and pure waters in serene environments.

Mbari Art and Cultural Centre

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In the capital city of Imo State, Owerri, is the Mbari Art and Cultural Centre. It houses the history of Owerri and splendid relics of the Igbo heritage. This centre has three sections – the Mbari House, the Amphitheatre and the Mbari Museum Kitchen. It is the perfect place to visit for history and art enthusiasts.

Assumpta Cathedral

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This Italian styled architectural building is rumoured to be the largest Roman Catholic Archdiocese in West Africa. The marble statue and the church edifice are attention-grabbing for anyone driving by.

The Rolling Hills

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In the northeastern part of Imo lies the Rolling Hills of Okigwe. Lush green vegetation cover the hills and invite adventurous tourists to camp, have picnics and enjoy the scenic views. 

Imo State is rich in more ways than one, including with mineral resources. Time would fail us to talk about the Edemili Lake which has a palm beach setting in swampy wetlands, the Heroes Square, or the Owerri Amusement Park. So, what are your favourite places to visit in Imo State?

Featured image source: One7One TV – YouTube

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This article was first published on 2nd September 2019


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