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It’s one thing to know the awesome tourist destinations in a state like Anambra, it is quite another to know what to do when you visit. As you know, most of the wonderful tourist attractions are not in one specific location and driving from one to the other might cost a lot of time. 

Here is what we recommend you do when you get to Anambra:

1. Explore Caves

Anambra is full of caves, especially the northern local Government areas of the state. Each cave comes with its own unique feature. Like the Uku Cave and spring in Urueze village, Ekwulumili town in Nnewi North LGA which has tamed lions and pythons sharing the same natural habitat. It is close to the Ekwulumili Herbal/Botanical Garden so you can kill two birds with a stone. There is also the Omashi-iyi Cave in Akpu, Orumba North LGA that is home to hundreds of bats within it multiple compartments & crevices and 1km long tunnel. It also has a semi-circle stream pooled at its entrance which is surrounded by bamboos and other trees.

Then there is the Ogba Ukwu Cave and waterfall in Owerre Ezukala community, Orumba South LGA that is so large it takes two hours to explore and could be the largest cave in West Africa. It’s deep rocky formations with crevices containing an elephant’s dead and dry foot, a natural spanner of rock and a gun of stone are still a mystery whenever visitors embark on a guided tour into this cave. Then there is the popular Ogbunike Cave in Ifite village, Akwa Town in Oyi LGA which is the most developed cave site. It has 317 man-made steps descending into a valley with a reception spot where tourists can pull off their shoes to begin the crawl into the cave. These are some of the many caves you can explore in Anambra state.

2. Visit the Museums

The Museums in Anambra are just as diverse as the features of their caves. Every museum has a unique story it tells; from the Odinani museum Nri in Anaocha LGA which houses cultural, religious and archaeological artefacts, to the private Obo Ofo-Nri Museum of artworks in Nri town, Njikoka LGA. Let’s also not forget the Igbo Ukwu Museum in Igbo Ukwu town, Aguata LGA that holds trinkets dating back to the 10th century using ceramics; and metal works to show ancient people’s occupation. These museums are worth seeing.

3. Enjoy the Waterfronts

Being situated around lots of tributaries, Anambra has a lot of waterfronts you can go to. There is the popular Butu Lake which is an offshoot of the Odo River; it covers about 10 hectares of land and is great for fishing and irrigation. The people use its waters for irrigation. Then there is the Okpu Ana natural spring in Ukpor town, Dunukofia LGA. This spring gushes from a large boulder embedded in a cliff to form a stream with a bed of white clay. And also the Iyiocha Lake in Amaokpala town, Orumba North LGA which is known for being still and holding no aquatic life form and has no record of people drowning in it. Or you could visit Agulu lake with its rich aquatic life and different rare crocodile species. You can have picnics, take selfies, go fishing or skiing at the waterfronts.  

If any of these are not your thing, you can visit the Akwa wonderland, the Igbo-Ukwu town to see the Igbo-Ukwu bronzes and witness the aluminium pot moulding process or any of their many lounges or shopping malls. The thing with Anambra is that all its tourist attractions are sparse throughout the state. To get the best of Anambra, it’s better you plan a week-long tour. This way you can drive within local Government areas, see all the sights and still be well-rested.

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This article was first published on 11th August 2019


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