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Welcome to the Gateway state, where nature, culture and history is abundant. Did you know that Ogun state has it’s own theme song? And because of its proximity to Lagos and the other south west state, it is frequently visited. It’s biggest tour attraction is Olumo Rock. But there are other interesting locations to visit there as well. With extra development effort, some of the following tourist spots will become hot tourist destinations. 

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This is the next best thing in Ogun state and it is for thrill seekers and photohogs (as in lovers of photography). Nestled along Lagos Ibadan Expressway, this world class amusement park comes equipped with a luxurious apartments, a multi-purpose hall, uninterrupted power supply and a well equipped clinic. The attractions of this place include Ferris Wheel, Animatronics, Hoopla, Spring ride, Kite flyer, Go kart racing, Arcade, etc. Each attraction attracts its own cost so its best to have loose cash around to pay per ticket. It is a great location for a family or group getaway.

  • Yemoji Tourist Centre
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This natural swimming pool with clear waters is a nice place for a dip on a sunny day.  This place is found in a village called Ilone along Ijebu-ode to Epe Expressway which is 50 minutes drive from Berger in Lagos through Sagamu in Ogun axis. There is a small resort around the pool which was established by the colonial masters in 1937. The seating structures are few, far apart and made of stone. Not very scenic for a shot unless you are a professional photographer who can make posing near ruins look exotic. But it is still a great place for picnics, hangout with friends and to go swim in nature without the fear of amphibians or fishes getting to you.  

  • Abeokuta Museum

In the heart of Abeokuta, the state’s capital, is the Abeokuta museum. This place holds the artifacts detailing the prehistoric Nigeria, the culture of the Yoruba people of Egba land in particular and about the settlers of Abeokuta town. With curators on standby ready to explain any item that piques your interest (like the hand-crafts and weapons of the Yoruba warriors of old), a trip to this museum is aesthetically appealing and enlightening.

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  • Lisabi Sacred Forest

If bird watching and game viewing is your thing, Lisabi Forest is the place to go. This ancient forest plays hosts to some endangered animal and reptile species as well as rare bird and plant species. If the ‘sacredness’ of the forest bothers you, there is always Omo Forest Reserve (80km from Ijebu-Ode) to visit instead. As a nature lover, you are never out of tour options in Ogun state.

  • June 12 Cultural Centre
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This is a must visit location. Sandwiched between MKO International Stadium and Kuto Market in Abeokuta, this place is cool for learning about notable Nigerians, watching movies and swimming. It also has a convention centre for meetings and rallies as well as an amusement park. It is one place you’ll won’t feel isolated whenever you visit.

There are a few other places to visit but any of these listed here will leave you with good travel memories.

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This article was first published on 22nd January 2020


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