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Ekiti state, the fountain of knowledge, invites you to explore her rich natural resources. Though largely rural in many parts, Ekiti is popular for its mountain ranges and waterfalls that offer wonderful tour attractions for visitors. Ekiti is best known for Eco-tourism.

Below are some amazing tourist spots in Ekiti worth exploring:

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1. Ikogosi Warm spring & Tourist Resort

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This spring is the most popular tourist destination in Ekiti state. Mostly because of its natural phenomenon of hot and cold water flowing side by side without mixing into a confluence and continuing as a single stream. The warm spring is as high as 70oC at the source but after the confluence point, both waters become 37oC. The volume and temperature of the individual springs are constant all year round. During harmattan season (November – March), a fog forms at the source of the spring. There are seating canopies at the source of the warm spring and within the vicinity of the warm spring is the resort. The resort stands on a breath-taking landscape and comes with adequate facilities for those who want to sleep over. It has executive chalets for the Business class, VIP chalet, Suites and regular rooms to accommodate tourists on a budget. One major attraction of the resort is the Warm swimming pool whose waters are from the warm spring. So tourists get to swim in Ikogosi’s Warm spring in the safety of a man made pool area. How cool is that?

2. Esa Cave

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Cave exploration is slowly picking up in Nigeria and Ekiti has a Cave for adventure tourism. This cave with over 30,000 person capacity can be found in Iyin-Ekiti town, just three kilometres from Ado Ekiti (the state capital). It is core to Yoruba history as it was a defence for the people during the Yoruba Tribal wars.

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3. Orole and Olosunta Hills

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Love mountaineering? Then a visit to either Orole Hills or Olosunta Hills in Ikere LGA is just for you. These steep hills are great for sightseeing in Ekiti. The Olosunta Hill comes with a cave for those who don’t mind hiking and cave exploring at the same time. You can relax at the top of these hills and have a picnic with friends or fellow mountaineers.

4. Fajuyi Memorial park

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Situated in Ado Ekiti, this memorial park is the burial spot of the governor of the old Western region, Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi who died with the then Head of state, Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi during the 1966 Military Coup. The region got divided into states afterwards from which Ekiti state emerged. Unlike most burial grounds, this one is both a memorial and a recreation park. It comes with a fountain and water segment for water sports like boat peddling; a children’s playground, mini museum, restaurant, etc. It is one hot tourist attraction in Ekiti.

5. Arinta Waterfalls

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Chasing waterfalls is fun and Ekiti has one. Arinta waterfall is a short distance from Ikogosi Warm spring. This cold waterfall gushes over seven layers of rocks and each cascade is unique. There is even a rock there called Wonderful stone which no one has been able to lift up over the years. It is believed that the more people in the water, the more the water flows. It is a good location for playing in nature and getting some cool nature shots. There are no lodging accommodations here so it is all ‘touch and go’.

6. Oroke Ewo War Centre

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Located in Ilupeju-ekiti, are stone figures believed to be Ilorin warriors who attempted to evade Egosi kingdom and got trapped by magic on the battle field into Odidi Mode. Regardless of the history or folklore behind the stone figures, they are still aesthetic for tourists looking for something to marvel at. 

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This article was first published on 23rd January 2020


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