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website-e1400504051933     Having a website a few decades ago was considered far-fetched and not necessary.  But times have changed, everything is going electronic. Aside from digital satellite television, one of the largest and fastest means of advertising, marketing and sales is the internet. In 2014, information is key and ignorance is expensive. On this premise, it is surprising that a lot of small and medium business owners do not realize the importance of having a website. Most of them deem it unnecessary especially those who consider themselves as still growing. What they do not know is that having a website is one of the major enhancing factors of business growth, big or small. Presently, one of the fastest and easiest means of growing a small business without huge capital and investments is online. It’s just ideal for business owners to have that web presence. Besides, as an SME, having your business online comes with a lot of other benefits aside from growth. Here are some benefits of having a website as a small business. Easy and cheap to maintain Having a website enables you to lessen your input and maximize your output. Websites are relatively easy to maintain and have minimal cost implications. Advertising and update of a website can be done using a simple content management system (C.M.S).  Additionally, it helps cut the cost of purchasing printing materials (paper, ink and printer). Accessibility The internet is available 24 hours, so accessing your business from any part of the world can be done without hassle. It can also be used as a tool for marketing and a point of reference for potential clients. Your website provides your customers with up-to-date information on products and services and also keeps you connected to them. Professionalism A website gives your business a professional look. It tells everything that there is to tell about your company. Having a website gives your business a level of credibility, because information can be easily accessed, it’ll be seen as organized, and bridges the gap as customers can easily communicate through means such as contact or feedback forms. For SMEs a website gives your business an added influence because it speaks volumes. Global Presence Having a website creates a global presence for your business.  With the help of search engine optimization, your business can be seen from any part of the world which will boost exposure, and your customer base. Expansion and brand awareness Owning a website creates an alternate point of sales for your products and services (e-commerce). A wider coverage is achieved in a short time, because your brand can be accessed globally. Your website tells people virtually all that concerns your business. Having a website can grow your business faster than a static building. A website puts your business in the spotlight for potential clients. On the surface, having a website may seem expensive and difficult to manage. However there are affordable web design companies such as who offer quality, reasonably priced websites built to suit individual needs. A website is an investment worth making and in the end it will definitely pay off and take your business to greater heights.  

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This article was first published on 19th May 2014

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