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By Uche Amonye

Developing your own beauty style means prioritizing what matters most to you and what makes you feel good: comfort, simplicity, practicality and looking good. Even with priorities clearly in mind, many women are still overwhelmed with the world of beauty, they just don’t know quite where to begin. Four of the common beauty stagnant situations are – THE MAKEUP VIRGIN
  • You are an adult without any clue about makeup.
  • Your makeup skills are remedial to nil.
  • You are uncomfortable with the idea of makeup and foundation.
Start slowly; buy foundation and powder that match your skin tone and lip sticks or gloss that are sheer. THE COLOUR ADDICT
  • You wear bright makeup – colourful lipstick, bright blusher.
  • You are afraid of looking too plain with muted tones.
It’s always good to start with the right tone of foundation and powder. Natural tones of makeup do look more sophisticated and modern. Natural makeup doesn’t mean a drab or no makeup look; it simply means using the correct tones for your skin. If bold makeup colours have become your defined element of beauty style, stick with them; just be careful that your foundation and powder match your skin tone perfectly. STUCK IN A RUT
  • You haven’t changed anything about your look in years.
  • You and everyone around you are bored with your look.
Start with a new hair cut. Once you have a new hairstyle, makeup is the next step. Consult a professional makeup artist for your perfect shade of foundation, powder and makeover suitable for your tone, facial structure and personality. YOU WANT TO FEEL PRETTY AGAIN
  • You feel unattractive, focusing on all that is a negative.
  • You just experienced an illness or an emotional trauma.
Remember, we all have imperfections. We must simply accept them as part of who we are. Get perfect shades of foundation, powder and concealer. Enhance your hidden beauty with natural/sheer tones. Get very good mascara focused on Volume.     Culled from Bobbi Brown Beauty  
About the Author Uche Amonye is from Awka in Anambra state. She is a graduate of Unilag, with a B.A. in English and a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy. Trained by Ada Nwankwo (an Estee Lauder-trained Beauty Consultant), she is the CEO of Visage makeovers (Est. 2005). As a beauty consultant, she caters for all occasions – bridal, parties, photo shoot, runway, gele, lash extension and brow waxing. She also teaches the art of professional make-up. Contact Uche: 08023364097, 01-8722246. Or visit the Facebook page:

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This article was first published on 18th May 2012 and updated on July 6th, 2012 at 1:57 pm

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