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  During my days in secondary school, I was taught by my Biology teacher about the characteristics of living things. One of such characteristics I was taught is growth. Growth could in fact be said to be the most important yardstick for measuring whether something should be classified under living thing or non-living thing. That is for biological growth. 
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There is also another growth that is important to every individual, if not the most important. This is because this growth sums up all efforts of one in improving himself or herself towards becoming a better person. This growth is known as ‘personal growth’. Personal growth should not be confused with the biological growth that occurs in humans. 

What Is Personal Growth?

Personal Growth is simply all efforts you involve yourself in towards improving your life in the direction of your perceived destination. It is the positive improvement of your knowledge, skills, personal abilities and qualities in a way that helps you live a more fulfilling life.

Is Personal Growth Important?

I have often had to answer the question, is personal Growth important? One day during one of my coaching sessions with a client, he looked at me and asked, “but Sir Vic, is Personal Growth really important for me to achieve success?” Frankly, that question set me aback because this was someone who sent me a mail requesting that I coach him for one week. We had had our preliminary discussions and we agreed on how the session was to go. I had expected that for him to have booked a session with me meant he recognizes the place and importance of Personal Growth in his life. But, there he was, asking that million-dollar question that many others have asked in times past. Sadly, so long the earth remains, the question “Is Personal Growth Important?” will always be asked by many.

Do You Know Why?

The journey of Personal Growth is not an easy one. Many will always run away from it because of its demands of it. Personal Growth demands a whole lot from you as an individual, whether your desire is to better manage yourself for increased productivity or to become a better leader of your team, the demands will always appear taxing. Humans naturally cherish their comfort and may not accept anything coming in to disrupt their comfort. And that is one of the main things Personal Growth endeavours do in your life as an individual. They disrupt your comfort and if you are not one that possesses a Growth mindset you may loathe such an idea.
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The good thing about it all is that when you finally decide to fulfil the demands of Personal Growth, it will no longer take long before you will begin to enjoy the gains of your efforts. Personal Growth is one investment area where you receive your dividends almost immediately as you are investing. These dividends come in different degrees and times. And they continue to come in for as long as you are alive and you are consistently keeping on with it.

Personal Growth Is An important Aspect Of Human Existence

Personal Growth is a very important aspect of human existence. If you must become better in all you do, both for yourself as an individual and for others, you must be one that sees Personal Growth not as an option but as a necessary aspect of your life. How you see and regard Personal Growth is very much important as it affects how you go about the various activities that go with Personal Growth. Take, for instance, one who desires to build up his six-pack figure will have to learn to see the gym as a necessary place to be, if not every day, at least once a week. Every young man with a six-pack figure understands that it is not wished for. A six-pack figure is worked out through hours and days of tiring weightlifting and all other necessary exercises.

Closing Thoughts

In order to achieve your many life goals, whatever it is, personal growth must become a very important part of you. In fact, it should be the first goal you set at all times for yourself because it takes an improved you to achieve the results you desire.   Featured Image Source: Iberdrola
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This article was first published on 5th April 2022


Ifegwu-Mbonu Victor is a Personal Growth and Leadership Trainer who provides training and coaching to individuals and organizations.

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