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  The catchphrase ‘what I ordered vs what I got’ is used by people often times to show their displeasure about certain fashion items and brands. Judging by sight, many find pictures of people wearing particular fashion items attractive and they begin to crave for it. 
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They then send it to their various designers or shop for it where the product was advertised, expecting it to fit like a glove on their body and accentuate their figures. The test of professionalism lies on the designer as he/she is to recreate what he/she is sent to fit the client. Many clients are however left disappointed when the clothing does the exact opposite of the function it ought to serve. Some look ridiculous: the clothing barely fitting, some outfits are oversized, looking like they were dumped in a sack of potatoes. For some, they can’t seem to wrap their heads around the design of the designer. In most cases, many place what they ordered and what they got in return side by side in a picture, and the results are sometimes hilarious. Many factors can lead to the failure of a design. At times, the client has a low budget and wants to recreate an oufit which price is over the moon. The designer then uses a low quality material for them and on the other hand, some designers are just terrible at what they do. The question is do you blame the designer or the client? Who is to carry the weight of the loss? Who is being unreasonable with their demands and delivery? To find the true answers to these questions, we will have to see fom both sides of the coin. Twitter what I ordered vs what I got
This person ordered a pink tulle ruched dress and got a pink hair accessory instead. This is where you say, ‘drops mic’.  The product are totally different items. Can we assume that there was either a mistake with the order or the delivery?  
This client ordered an off shoulder pencil midi dress in chocolate and got a dress in a completely different color. The client’s main concern is the color of the dress. What will she wear to that wedding on Saturday? 
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3. The client ordered for the jean in the picture from an online vendor. Her order was a pencil jean trouser with a quality material that fits the body. What she got looks like a jean that has been washed out several times, therefore has lost its color and completely faded. There are also visible stains on it. For the price the product was bought, do you think it matches the quality? Should the client be refunded?
The original dress is a green satin gown with spaghetti sleeve, band and a front slit. What the client got is a green dress without band and wrong placement of slit, as seen in the original. Also, the length is different. While the color and fabrics seems to be the same. The problem is first the fitting, and then the length. What do you think the problem is? When ordering online, take note of the sizing, fabric, amount and delivery mode. You should also negotiate ways of refund and delivery if what you got isn’t what you ordered to avoid stories that touch. Do your research well. Photo credit: Twitter
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This article was first published on 11th February 2022 and updated on February 19th, 2022 at 1:49 am


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