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  For a long time, shipping has posed a big problem to individuals, SMEs, and businesses. Due to high-cost volume rates, businesses and eCommerce services have either had to partner with other service providers or create their own shipping solutions.
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This is where platforms like Sendbox come in. Sendbox was launched to provide reliable shipping, escrow payments, and discovery services to businesses and individuals who carry out e-commerce transactions on social media channels. They ensure safety for users who carry out e-commerce transactions on these social media channels by enabling them to identify trustworthy merchants, make payments through a secure escrow system, and ship within and outside Nigeria at discount rates. “We would be the independent source of truth for all these transactions because now, all a customer needs to do is ship their products through Sendbox,” says COO Olusegun Afolahan, “What that does is make the logistics space healthier and likewise make flow of transaction easier.”
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As of 2019, Sendbox had already registered over 4,000 merchants and had generated $4,000 in revenue monthly. In 2018, the company boasted of processing over 60,000 shipments, averaging about 5,000 per month. It also attracted investments from early-stage tech startup investor, Microtraction, proving its capability to disrupt the e-commerce industry. Sendbox is on a mission to make shipping and logistics on social media as seamless as possible for merchants. With platforms such as this, merchants can look forward to the days when shipping and logistics can be safe and secure for everyone. Featured Image Source: Technopreneur
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This article was first published on 27th April 2021


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