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These days, Education is not as accessible as we would want it to be. With so many students struggling to meet the financial requirements of schools and colleges, the incidence of school dropouts keeps rising at alarming rates. This is why ScholarX, an online curator of local and foreign-based scholarships, has emerged to remedy this situation. ScholarX was founded by Maxwell Ogunfunyi, Abayomi Johnson, and Bola Lawal in 2016 to aid students reach their educational goals by providing them with information on  scholarships, crowdfunding, and E-Learning. About The Startup The idea for ScholarX was thought up by one of the founders, Maxwell, after he realized how difficult it was to access available scholarships for Nigerian students. He therefore, set out to create an app that would contain a list of locally based scholarships. Together, the three partners, Maxwell, Bola, and Abayomi, eventually created ScholarX – a web and mobile platform that curates both local and foreign-based scholarships. Since its launch, ScholarX has been linking Nigerian students home and abroad to available scholarships that match their educational requirements. The problem with accessing free education does not necessarily lie in its scarcity, as much as in the ignorance of many Nigerian students about the scholarships and fundings provided by both government and private organizations on periodical basis. This, in a nutshell, is what ScholarX has sets out to tackle. By determining which scholarships are well-ranked on search, reviewing and curating them on its database, ScholarX keeps students informed about the best scholarships and makes it easier for them to access them. Milestones Since its launch, ScholarX has catered to almost 10,000 students who have in turn accessed scholarships worldwide as well as advice on how these scholarships run. The service recently expanded to Ghana, partnering with AB Review, operators of Africa Schools Online and Quick Apply Africa, to spread the word about scholarships and encourage future partnerships with potential stakeholders. By providing these educational benefits, ScholarX is utilizing Information Technology to reshape the future of African students who have their minds set on quality education.

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This article was first published on 2nd October 2018


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